Chat Commands

These are a list of commands that can be used in the Fremily's chat

Name Message User Level
!quote Displays a random quote subscriber
!title Shows the stream title everyone
!game Shows the current game everyone
!uptime Shows the stream uptime everyone
!followcount Shows the follower count everyone
!subcount Shows the subscriber count everyone
!subpoints Shows the number of sub points everyone
!buy Posts a link to Humble Bundle if they sell the current game everyone
!haveiwon Shows a number of games you have unredeemed everyone
!haveilost Shows a number of giveaways you have lost everyone
!queued Shows the number of queued giveaways everyone
!lastgiveaway Shows when the last giveaway was started everyone
!gifted Shows who gifted you a sub everyone
!13th Watch the 13th documentary here: everyone
!2019 Fremily 2019 highlights by deanpcmad - everyone
!2screens Fremily accomplishes the stream by using two PCs that feed into a Streaming PC with two Elgato capture cards. Audio is merged with a RODECASTER Pro Mixer and two Rode Podmic microphones. everyone
!4kcam AverMedia 4k Cam (PW513) review -> everyone
!5dollar $5 Media Share is enabled! You can donate $5 to get any video played up to 5 minutes - - enter your username and a YouTube link :) everyone
!8dollar Mediashare is on, today we are celebrating fremilys 8 years TWITCH PARTNERS an incredible milestone, for $8 you can play any song. everyone
!about Want to learn more about Fred and Emily? Here's a quick video: everyone
!activision Add Fred on Activision - Fremily#6100796 everyone
!address Send the Fremily account on Twitch a whisper with your address in order to receive your physical gift :) everyone
!adobe 🎨 Create anything you can imagine and save over 65% on Creative Cloud for students: everyone
!ads In order for Fremily to disable pre-roll adverts for non subs, we need to run an advert every 20 minutes. If you are a sub/Turbo/adblock user then you won't see an ad :) everyone
!advertising It is against this stream's rules to advertise your own or anyone else's stream unless stated otherwise. (Lad streamers & Friends of Fred & Emily only) everyone
!advice Are you a new streamer looking for advice on how to improve your stream? Check out this super helpful thread from Emily! (and then follow her Kappa ) - also watch Emily's videos !tips & !viewers everyone
!airbnb Use our code and let us stay at conventions for free! everyone
!akt On 12th June 2021, Twitch London and the wonderful community raised £1600 for AKT ! oshiHype everyone
!alien everyone
!aloha oshiCreep Aloha oshiCreep This is, like, totally a raid or something.... oshiCreep everyone
!angrycrab Fred is doing the Angry Crab dance for 20+ sub gift bombs everyone
!astro Get your AstroGaming gear here! or - use code fremily for 5% off! everyone
!av1 📈 everyone
!axville Axville: eat ass and watch Fremily everyone
!backseat This is Emily's first time playing, excessive backseating will be punished if not asked for. everyone
!ballin I'M BALLIN' VVKool ImBallin everyone
!barberstig Old and Crusty everyone
!beans Fremily are now using the Twitch Channel Points system for beans. You should see an icon in the bottom left of your chat window. Click that to redeem your beans! everyone
!bestmod Dean is best mod oshiOMG everyone
!beta The New World open beta is live. Go here - - scroll down a bit and click the "Request Access" button. Once you get an email from New World, you'll have access :) everyone
!bf4 BF4 Server: Search for Fremily on the server browser (if you can't find it, reset your filters) If you are a sub and would like a reserved slot, send a message in the #battlefield4 channel on Discord with your username - everyone
!biggusdickus everyone
!bigly For our largest single donation from rapheal465 everyone
!bin IN Clap THE Clap BIN Clap everyone
!bingo TwitchLDN Drinks Bingo - everyone
!birmingham oshiNo Birmingham oshiYes Anywhere else everyone
!birthday Want to have a PartyHat on the on-screen chat when it's your birthday? Enter your birthday here -> everyone
!bits Buy Bits to start cheering on the channel everyone
!blbl everyone
!bleach everyone
!blm Support #BLM and sign ALL THIS SHIT everyone
!boomliam Fekin do it m8 yolo everyone
!boost Boost Does Nothing oshiSus stop. everyone
!bots What to do if you've been follow botted - everyone
!bowwow everyone
!brainpower O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A-JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA everyone
!breakdown everyone
!bttv Emotes such as monkaS and catJAM are only visible if you use the Better Twitch TV addon from here -> - you'll have access to these emotes - - don't forget to enable GIFs in the settings too! everyone
!bulb Fred & Emily use Bulb. Get up to £50 by switching to them - everyone
!bustin ? Bustin' makes me feel good ? everyone
!button Button: Fremilylyyyy I love you I hope your eok pls dont ask how I a as I am drunk and probably eilll strugle to reply everyone
!cake everyone
!cam Fremily are using Sony A6300, A6000 & A6400 cameras for their setup with Sigma 16mm F1.4 lens' everyone
!cat Emily found the cat oshiOMG everyone
!catcam everyone
!cb Hey, future warlord! Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play tactical MMO featuring medieval combat, huge armies, and epic sieges. Join the battle today and get 7 days of FREE Premium time! #ad everyone
!cbd SmokingFrog Fremily are now sponsored by Smoking Frog! Get 20% off using code 'Fremily' over at SmokingFrog - everyone
!chatty everyone
!cheat MrDestructoid Cheat Bot Enabled everyone
!checklist Helmet/Armor? Repairs? Ammo? Health? Water/Food? Weapon Check? everyone
!chopped everyone
!click Clap CLICK Clap THE Clap LINK Clap everyone
!clips If you make a great Fremily clip and want to submit it to be tweeted out on the FremilyClips account, fill out the form on this page - everyone
!closecall everyone
!clublife everyone
!coffee Emily uses Square Mile for her Coffee Beans - everyone
!commands The bot commands for this channel are available at everyone
!controller Fred & Emily use Astro C40 controllers everyone
!cookies 🍪 everyone
!cooking Fred's cooking Pulled Pork, Mac n Cheese & Cornbread everyone
!cooler Aorus Liquid Cooler 240 everyone
!crackpot everyone
!crowns Fred: 👑3 ~ Emily: 👑2 everyone
!cuphead everyone
!curiositystream Sponsored: Want smarter TV? Get thousands of shows on everything you can imagine - space, dinosaurs, volcanos and more. Use my code "fremily" for 30 days free at: everyone
!customs Tarkov Customs map - everyone
!damebello "So much shit, I could shit" - Dame Bello 2016 - everyone
!dance pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeDS pepeDS pepeDS pepeDS pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeDS pepeDS pepeDS pepeDS everyone
!dbh GET YO SWAG ON! everyone
!death1 everyone
!death11 everyone
!death2 everyone
!death3 everyone
!death4 everyone
!death5 everyone
!death6 everyone
!death7 everyone
!death8 everyone
!death9 everyone
!desk Fred & Emily use a Caramel Bamboo Worktop from Worktop Express ( ) with some legs similar to these ( ) as a Desk oshiNice everyone
!discord Join our discord! To gain access to the subscriber only channels, make sure to connect your Twitch account to Discord, and remember that it takes some time to sync. everyone
!dlc You can buy the RimWorld Royalty DLC from: everyone
!dmca One trick to never get a DMCA on Twitch again - everyone
!donate This stream is Fred and Emily's full time job so we support them when we can via donations and subscriptions. They also accept bits! Any cheer of 100 bits or over gets text to speech so you can say weird things to them! everyone
!donger GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY PENIS!!!!! subscriber
!drop oshiSus everyone
!drops Back 4 Blood Drops: - You don't need a code but if it doesn't show in account settings, apply for open beta and you should have it - everyone
!Dyinglight Let's get ready for Dying Light 2 by play the first amazing game! Dying Light 1 is now at 50% sale, so haven't you tried it already it's time! PogChamp Download here: everyone
!dyinglightredeem Go here and use code FREMILY to get Dying Light goodies - everyone
!eft What is Escape From Takov? Fred & Emily explain it here: everyone
!emdragon Em kills the dragon POGGERS - everyone
!emily Emily of the House Bello, the First of Her Name, The UnTurnt, Queen of the Anals, the LMG'er, Queen of Meechens, Khaleesi of the Great Weed Grass Sea, Protector of the Flo Realm, Lady Regent of the Seventy Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragonflexs everyone
!emlg everyone
!endzone Join me in playing Endzone - A World Apart! PogChamp! Check out the link for more information #ad: everyone
!english English only please. (Только на английском языке пожалуйста. Inglés por favor. Nur auf Englisch bitte. tera' neH nuqneH. En anglais uniquement s'il vous plaît. English Hol neH nuqneH.) everyone
!esport oshiNo Esport oshiYes Ē_špørt everyone
!extension Want to view chat name colours and badges in your browser just like Fremily do? Download this extension created by deanpcmad -> everyone
!extensionquality Tired of the automatic quality adjustment on Twitch every time you tab away? - everyone
!face ITS JUST HIS FACE oshiRage everyone
!fanhouse everyone
!fapsafevpn everyone
!farm everyone
!fazz Clap FAZZ Clap GOT Clap THAT Clap BIG Clap DICK Clap ENERGY Clap everyone
!ffz Download the FrankerFaceZ browser extension from here -> everyone
!fish Check out I Am Fish, a charming, physics-based adventure game, now on Steam and Xbox! everyone
!fitfred everyone
!fixed FRED Clap FIXED Clap THE Clap STREAM Clap everyone
!fod Fremily on Demand (Fremily Twitch VODs on YouTube) - everyone
!followbot What's Emily's video on what to do if you've been follow botted -> everyone
!food everyone
!fps EYES Clap DON'T Clap SEE Clap FPS everyone
!freddead Fred has killed 9 Innocent people in RDR2 BibleThump everyone
!fredhouse everyone
!frediscoolbut reading the comments in chat i dont think this is a stream i want to follow or watch anymore. Fred is cool about it but...bye everyone
!fremily Fred + Emily = Fremily. :) everyone
!fremilyclips You can find Fremily's twitter account for clips at everyone
!frontier To access the beta for The Cycle: Frontier go here - - and click the "Request Access" button everyone
!g2a Please don't use G2A - everyone
!getajob YES! they do this for a job. NO, you probably wont be able to. everyone
!getcurious Sponsored: Want smarter TV? Get thousands of shows on everything you can imagine - space, dinosaurs, volcanos and more. Use my code "fremily" for 30 days free at: everyone
!ghost Deets99: i drew you a ghost everyone
!gifs this is a collection of gifs generated from the stream (more to be added) everyone
!gifts Want to donate keys for our game giveaways? Drop them here: - Please only donate full games, not DLC. THANK YOU oshiLove everyone
!giveaway Enter the Astro A40 Giveaway! pepeJAM - everyone
!goodlord oshiOW 3 Good Lords oshiOW everyone
!gpu Fred's GPU died due to age... not due to New World oshiK everyone
!gun everyone
!hair Fred takes Finasteride pills to make his hair look oshiNice - everyone
!hcmc Fred & Emily have completed HCMC100 1.14 oshiOMG - everyone
!history Media share history: everyone
!host Here's how to host Fremily - everyone
!hot everyone
!humble Fremily have partnered with Humble Bundle HumbleLife Get great games, support charities, and your favourite streamer everyone
!hummus oshiFilth NOT THE HUMMUS everyone
!hyperoptic Fred & Emily use HyperOptic for their broadband - everyone
!hypetrain everyone
!instantpot This is the Instant Pot Fred & Emily use -> everyone
!intro View the new Fremily intro -> everyone
!ip everyone
!jabra everyone
!jam oshiOW HE WANTS YOUR JAM - everyone
!job This is Fred and Emily's full-time job! Streaming! Thanks to all the beautiful donors, subscribers, and viewers for making it possible! subscriber
!join Add Fremily on Uplay! Fred is OshiSeven and Emily is serenity2517 everyone
!justdance When Fremily hit 10k subs, Fred will do a JustDance stream oshiW blobDance everyone
!jwevolution2 Like the game? Buy it on Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation! everyone
!kin *Insert inappropriate lewd comment here* everyone
!kingmod Dean is King Mod oshiSip - everyone
!kinseres UK Weather Warning In Effect! Southerners are urged not to travel unless absolutely necessary; Northerners, you will need your big coat. everyone
!kpop SilenceSheldon is the stream's official Kpop mascot and you can ask him anything related to Kpop. everyone
!ksp K Clap S Clap P Clap everyone
!lag Having lag issues with the stream? Try a different browser such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox. If you are using the mobile app then you can try the mobile browser. :) everyone
!Landlord 🔪LAND🔪LORDS🔪 everyone
!late There hasn't been an accident on site since August 3rd, 2017. everyone
!ldn TwitchLDN are BACK with another digital event on SATURDAY 23rd... see you there! 👻 - Follow there so you don't miss out on lotsa giveaways! everyone
!ldndiscord Join the TwitchLDN Discord at everyone
!ldngiveaway everyone
!ldninsta everyone
!ldnmerch For TwitchLDN merch, go here -> everyone
!ldnyoutube everyone
!lights Fred & Emily use RALENO PLV-S104 lights - everyone
!lil oshiEvil Lil Bitch oshiEvil everyone
!limertilly limertilly: apparently halfman/halfleopards are HUNG, my friends everyone
!looroll Fred & Emily use Who Gives A Crap for their toilet roll. Use this link to get £5 off your order! everyone
!lurk oshiLurk everyone
!makefremilyfit #MakeFremilyFit by subbing, gifting subs or by giving over 100 bits - everyone
!meetups everyone
!merch everyone
!mic Fred and Emily both have Rode Podmic Microphones everyone
!minecraft Fred & Emily lasted 5 days oshiDed oshiThump - everyone
!mixer Fred & Emily use a RODECASTER Pro Mixer - everyone
!modchat everyone
!mods Fremily are playing vanilla Minecraft with Sildurs Shaders !shaders everyone
!moon I AM DE MOON oshiMoon - everyone
!motherboard Aorus B550 MASTER everyone
!mouse Mouse without Borders - everyone
!mug Want an official physical mug? subscriber
!mugmap Add yourself to the MugMap: Additions -> Add Marker subscriber
!mugmas It's MUGMAS so stick around for lots of giveaways. You can win games, hot chocolate kits made by Emily or a Florence Christmas card! Giveaways happen every 20 minutes! everyone
!mugwares If you won hardware during mugmas it will be mailed end of Dec/ Early Jan. Flo Cards, hot chocolates will be mailed ASAP. Patience is appreciated! Merry Mugmas! everyone
!mute Fred mutes the game audio during the warmup round everyone
!nails oshiSmug Mind Yo' Bidness! everyone
!NCS Staying Connected is a digital hub created especially for you for Summer 2020. From life lessons to playlists; skills builders to creative inspiration; fun challenges to social action projects; we’ve got you covered. everyone
!newcam Fremily are using a Sony A6300 With the Elgato Cam Link everyone
!newsetup everyone
!NFT Today's NFT: "step into mugmas" please do not under any circumstances right click and save this exclusive one off NFT everyone
!nhs Download the NHS app here -> everyone
!ninth everyone
!no2 Hey Fred, Emily, why don't you do some exercises NO FUCK OFF I'M BEING LAZY I DON'T WANT TO FUCKIN WORK OUT FUCK YOU, GO AWAY everyone
!noaudio Fred has overlooked Emily's Rule 18 for Better Streaming "Check Your Audio Levels!" Kappa everyone
!noble Fred and Emily are sitting on noblechairs Hero Series – grab some for yourself at: everyone
!noel everyone
!nospoilers everyone
!notif Not receiving notifications when Fremily go live? Make sure you click the bell icon next to the follow button! You may also need to disable "smart notifications" here - everyone
!nw Join Fred & Emily in New World. Server: Metsola, Vanaheim Terra (EU). Faction: Syndicate everyone
!obs oshiNo SLOBS oshiYes OBS everyone
!oceanman OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: Take me by the hand :raised_hand: lead me to the land that you understand :raised_hands: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The voyage :bike: to the corner of the :earth_americas: globe is a real trip :ok_hand: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The crust of a tan man :man_with_turban: imbibed by the sand :+1: Soaking up the :sweat_drops: thirst of the land :100: everyone
!ofing9 Not a sub? You can use Ofing9 instead of oshi9 everyone
!oldbattlenet Add Fred on Battlenet - Freddles#21348 (Make sure to add him on the EU server). For crossplay see this -> everyone
!olives oshiNo Olives oshiYes Olive Oil everyone
!omg oshiOMG everyone
!onair Fremily are live. Refresh! OnAir OnAir OnAir OnAir everyone
!onlyfans everyone
!origin Origin: oshi7tv everyone
!oshigasm everyone
!outro The song used in the outro is 'It Came In Waves' by Theo - everyone
!overboard Did you mean !emilyoverboard or !fredoverboard everyone
!partner Join the UK Twitch Partner Discord - everyone
!patreon TwitchLDN Patreon: everyone
!pcgamer Fremily have been included as one of PC Gamer's favourite streams. See who else is on the list, and read what PC Gamer have to say here: everyone
!peta If a fake animal is in imminent danger, please contact fake PETA (1-800-867-5309) everyone
!pickle everyone
!pizza oshiPizza everyone
!plebsi oshiCreep "its just as good." everyone
!pobox Fremily, Unit 17, Siddeley House, 50 Canbury Park Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6LX everyone
!popular >Popular Streamers everyone
!potions everyone
!pridecheck Copy and paste this into chat to see what Pride emotes you have PrideShrug PrideFloat PridePog PrideCute PrideLaugh PrideUwu PrideRhino PrideLGBTea PrideToucan PrideDragon PrideUnicorn PrideWave PridePenguin PrideFlower PrideLion PrideHeartL PrideHeartR PrideRise PrideStrong PrideLove PrideHeyyy PrideKoala PrideCrown PrideWorld PridePaint everyone
!prime oshiYell HAVE YOU HEARD OF PRIME - You get a free channel subscription to use each month! Video tutorial: everyone
!primecult Fred and Emily discovered the long lost cult of TWITCH PRIME! everyone
!primeold Have Amazon Prime? Sign up for Twitch Prime You get a free channel subscription to use each month! Twitch Prime subscriptions to a channel don't automatically renew, so manually use the subscription token on the same channel (wink wink) to continue your subscription train. (video tutorial: ) everyone
!promod oshiSmug everyone
!PushYourFamily Like the game? Get it on Steam + everyone
!queue Media share queue: everyone
!r2d2 everyone
!r6 Guys! Rainbow Six Siege is free this weekend! PogChamp Follow this link to download the game and play together with me! #ad: everyone
!raid oshiOW This is a Raid oshiOW everyone
!rainbro Our Dicks are Bigger Than Yours everyone
!redeem Won a game in one of our giveaways? You can redeem or 'give back' the game by logging in here -> - Any games left unredeemed for over 3 months will be automatically put back on the wheel. everyone
!rhilou REEEEEEEE everyone
!rig oshiSus [user] everyone
!RimConnect How to vote! everyone
!rode Fred and Emily both have Rode Podmic Microphones everyone
!rpg Cheer 200 bits or more to get RPG themed emotes - everyone
!rtx everyone
!ruined oshiBruh "you ruin everything fred!" everyone
!safe On 23rd October 2021, Twitch London and the wonderful community raised £2200 for Safe In Our World ! oshiHype everyone
!salt subscriber
!satisfaction everyone
!sbdeath everyone
!scarface everyone
!scavengers Add Fred on Scavengers - Bufftingley#64622 everyone
!screen Want to know who's playing or who is main screen? Look for the yellow line next to the webcam SeemsGood everyone
!SE You can donate to Special Effect here: everyone
!seed The current seed for this world is - Buff Tingly 2: The TINGLING everyone
!settings Tarkov game settings: everyone
!setup This is Fred & Emily's streaming setup oshiOMG - everyone
!shaders Fremily are on v1.16.5 and Sildurs Shaders - everyone
!sharpshooter Fred has over 300 confirmed kills: subscriber
!sheldon Edberg: Sheldon you smell like pee. everyone
!shoot everyone
!sideplates Get Custom Astro Sideplates here: everyone
!simmer everyone
!skyblock You can download SkyBlock from everyone
!social Follow Fred & Emily On Twitter! — Like our facebook — Subscribe on YouTube! — Follow Instagram — Subscribe on FanHouse everyone
!sophiesig everyone
!sot Watch Fred & Emily complete Sea of Thieves A Pirates Life on YouTube - everyone
!spaice Spaice SPAAAAICEEEEE everyone
!spam Her name is Rhilou, not spam. everyone
!spawner Fred used this video to help make his spawner - everyone
!specialeffect On 6th Feb 2021, Twitch London and the wonderful community raised £5000 for Special Effect for Gamesblast 2021! oshiHype everyone
!specs For all of Fremily's specs - everyone
!splosh Fred & Emily use Splosh for their refillable cleaning products. Use this code to get 15% off - A2O2EOL0R5 everyone
!spoilers /me NO SPOILERS! NONE, NADA, ZERO. "It's thing X," "it's not thing X" and "joke" spoilers are all BOP's from the mods. Let Fremily suffer in peace. Please don't answer questions unless EXPLICITLY asked, rhetorical questions (I wonder what this does) are not asking for help. everyone
!spoopy We are trying to find games for Fred & Emily to play during spoopy month. If you have any suggestions, add them to this Discord channel! 👻 everyone
!spotify Check out the Fremily Spotify playlist! everyone
!sr If you'd like to share a song with Fremily you can make a donation at everyone
!ST Fremily use Twitch Sound track to mute all music audio to the stream, take a look at it in action here: everyone
!status & & everyone
!steamgroup Join the Mugs Steam group! everyone
!streamingpc AMD Ryzen 2 Threadripper 2950X / 4x4GB TFORCE 3200MHz DDR4 / nVidia GeForce GTX 970 / ASUS ROG STRIX X399-E GAMING Motherboard / EVGA 850 G3 PSU / Coolermaster MasterLiquid ML360 RGB TR4 Edition / Lian Li O11 Case everyone
!sub If you want to support the stream and become a part of the community, please consider subscribing! everyone
!subaversary This channel got their Sub Button on May 30th 2013! everyone
!subsong The subscriber song is a combination of Sophie Screaming during a car incident and this song subscriber
!superbowl 🦉 everyone
!tankard If you would like a tankard of your own, head on over to HSCheers everyone
!tarkovmaps everyone
!thehunter Experience the thrill of the hunt in theHunter: Call of the Wild. Get the game FOR FREE NOW on Epic Games Store – offer ends December 2! Download here ➡ everyone
!thiccfred subscriber
!tiktok everyone
!timber DANCE It's goin down, im yellin' timber DANCE you better move, you better dance DANCE everyone
!tinyfred oshiBelieve #FreeTinyFred oshiBelieve everyone
!tips Watch Emily's video on 8 Tips for BRAND NEW Twitch Streamers - everyone
!toe everyone
!tomshootsvideo Yes he does. everyone
!toons Listen to Fred's GeoGuessr tunes here. everyone
!tos monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS everyone
!trailblazer Did you know that @Oshi7 and @Serenity2517 are Trailblazers? everyone
!troy #sponsored To celebrate the arrival of A Total War Saga: Troy, you can now get the game for free on launch day and keep it forever! Follow this link and join the ranks: everyone
!tutorial oshiRage 🖕 to tutorials everyone
!twat DONT Clap BE Clap A Clap TWAT Clap subscriber
!tweet LIKE and RT that tweet oshiCreep everyone
!twitchldn Yes it's true! LDN is back on 20th November at 26 Leake Street! oshiHype everyone
!uber Fremily's Uber Code: freddyc478ue everyone
!update everyone
!upgrades Big thanks to AMD & Aorus for our upgrades! Specs: B550 Aorus Master. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz RGB Aorus. Aorus Liquid Cooler 240mm everyone
!valheim Watch Fremily defeat each of the Valheim Bosses -> everyone
!venom Fremily are sponsored by VENOM GAMING UK everyone
!viewers Watch Emily's video on 8 Tips for BRAND NEW Twitch Streamers - everyone
!village everyone
!vk is basically Russian Facebook everyone
!vods You can now watch Fremily VODs with chat by going here -> <- built by @deanpcmad oshiOMG everyone
!voicemod Sponsored: Discover the best free-to-play voice changer for online games, streams and online pranks! Transform your voice in real time and become the character you want. Download Voicemod here -> everyone
!waterbottle Fred's water bottle is on Amazon, gets yours here: everyone
!watsi On May 28th 2020, Fred, Emily and the wonderful people of chat helped fund life changing surgery for 21 people, raising an amazing $4478 in total. A heartfelt thanks to all that helped. Follow Watsi here: and keep the love flowing everyone
!waviedavie WavieDavie is a pleb. Confirmed. everyone
!WC WoodenCode will be back in precisely 3 minutes... everyone
!webcam Fred & Emily are using Logitech C922 webcams for their face cams oshiSmug everyone
!wedding Yes, they're married. The wedding was the 2nd of July of 2014, at Polhawn Fort. There are some videos, a tour of the fort, highlights of the wedding, and the ceremony, which can be found here: everyone
!whisky This is the set I bought them: everyone
!whiteyrp WhiteyRP: comments make the algorithm cream everyone
!wither everyone
!wooden everyone
!WoodenCurse the Curse strikes again! everyone
!workout Clap DO 50 EXERCISES Clap everyone
!xeira @Xeira_games can't hear shit Kappa everyone
!yamum FRED Clap FUCKED Clap YOUR Clap MUM Clap everyone
!youngfred everyone
!youtube Check out highlights at everyone

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