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55 "Suck 'em if you've got 'em, Em" - Fred deanpcmad
54 "Shit, cock, fuck, bollocks" - Emily deanpcmad
53 "Fuck you Nevada, and your slow ass bitchness" - Emily deanpcmad
52 "we've laughed, we've cried, we've realised it's shit" - Emily about CoD Cold War deanpcmad
51 "I jumped so hard, I just dislocated a tit" - Emily deanpcmad
50 "You escaped chungus from the zoo of wide butts" - Emily deanpcmad
49 "we literally changed that in the first week bc you yelled at me... FOR YOU YOU BELL ENDS" - tdrobbo deanpcmad
48 "If feels big but it's actually small" - Emily deanpcmad
47 "That's a nice looking knob.... wait...." - Emily deanpcmad
46 "I'm ready to kill some fish" - Emily every time she plays Minecraft deanpcmad
45 "I'm getting my arse eaten.... WOAH, that's not what I meant" - Emily deanpcmad
44 "How did I get none of that tail action?" - Emily deanpcmad
43 "You have to follow first you spoon!" - Emily deanpcmad
42 "I'm dyslexic, you bastard!" - Em deanpcmad
41 "Oh what do you want, bowl cut?" - Emily deanpcmad
40 "go get yourself a wet shower" - Fred deanpcmad
39 "Oh, I am aroused by myself!" - Emily deanpcmad
38 "Stop tagging me in NVidia shit, I don't careeeee" - Emily deanpcmad
37 "Not to overreact but CUNT" - Emily deanpcmad
36 "Bollocks, I love bollocks." - Em bt26

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