Chat Commands

These are a list of commands that can be used in the TwitchLondon's chat

Name Message User Level
!quote Displays a random quote subscriber
!title Shows the stream title everyone
!game Shows the current game everyone
!uptime Shows the stream uptime everyone
!followcount Shows the follower count everyone
!subcount Shows the subscriber count everyone
!subpoints Shows the number of sub points everyone
!buy Posts a link to Humble Bundle if they sell the current game everyone
!haveiwon Shows a number of games you have unredeemed everyone
!haveilost Shows a number of giveaways you have lost everyone
!queued Shows the number of queued giveaways everyone
!lastgiveaway Shows when the last giveaway was started everyone
!gifted Shows who gifted you a sub everyone
!address Send the TwitchLondon account on either Twitter or Twitch a DM with your address in order to receive your physical gift :) everyone
!announcement POGGERS everyone
!beard Go follow Beard ? everyone
!boost oshiSus [user] everyone
!bttv Emotes such as pepeD and LDNDance are only visible if you use the Better Twitch TV addon from here -> everyone
!dance LDNDance LDNDance LDNDance LDNDance everyone
!discord Join the TwitchLDN Discord at everyone
!fremily Check out your hosts Fred and Emily over at everyone
!gemma Go follow Gemma ? everyone
!GLEAM Enter the NZXT giveaway! > everyone
!haden Go follow Haden 👉 everyone
!hadi Go follow Hadi ? everyone
!instagram Follow us on Instagram! everyone
!Jordan Go follow Jordan ? everyone
!josh Go follow Josh 👉 everyone
!Kayt Go follow Kayt ? everyone
!leon Go follow Leon ? everyone
!lewpac Go follow Lewpac ? everyone
!megan Go follow Megan ? everyone
!merch Find our merch at: everyone
!moose Go follow Moose ? everyone
!NZXT NZXT is here to make amazing gaming experiences achievable and fun. Customise your next gen PC with NZXT inside and outside, to see our range visit Happy gaming! everyone
!patreon Join our Patreon at everyone
!Raquel Follow Raquel ? everyone
!redeem Redeem your won games here: everyone
!rewards If you forgot to select a reward, message the TwitchLondon account or deanpcmad and we can update that for you :) everyone
!rig oshiSus [user] everyone
!social FOLLOW THE TWITCH LDN TEAM! Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Patreon: everyone
!stage Want to get involved with our IRL or Digital TwitchLDN events? Fill out this form -> everyone
!Tiltify Donate on Tiltify to Safe In Our World > everyone
!tips Watch Emily's video on 8 Tips for BRAND NEW Twitch Streamers - everyone
!twitter Follow us on Twitter! everyone
!youtube everyone

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