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Number Quote Game Quoted By
91 "Yo, I'm obsessed with this guy's ding dong" - Emily thejackalman
90 "We want D" - Fred deanpcmad
89 "Can I come over and help you pull out" - Em mspeachyxo
88 Em "Fred if you could get out of my arsehole, that would be delightful" mspeachyxo
87 "Oh, what a bush!" - Emily deanpcmad
86 "What you were doing with that tentacle was insane" - Emily deanpcmad
85 "I have a passion for Sausage, Em" - Fred deanpcmad
84 "I'm up to my nipples in moisture" - Emily deanpcmad
83 "Thank you and thanks" - Fred deanpcmad
82 "The little spicy bitches" - Sophie after eating a Birds Eye chilli at LDN deanpcmad
81 "I've been cooking that meat for this exact moment" - Emily deanpcmad
80 "I said pull it, not tickle it" - Emily deanpcmad
79 "We mounted them! Dominance! Dominance!" - Emily deanpcmad
78 "Fred you little PogChamp Bastard" - Emily deanpcmad
77 Emily: "I want to lick something". Fred: "big testicle?" deanpcmad
76 "Well, guess I'll just die" - Emily deanpcmad
75 "I thought it tasted like arse, which is totally fine." - Emily deanpcmad
74 "don't suck me, don't suck me, don't suck me" - Fred fighting a Kraken in SoT deanpcmad
73 "apparently halfman/halfleopards are HUNG, my friends" - limertilly deanpcmad
72 "I didn't know it was going to suck us off" - Fred & Emily deanpcmad

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