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Number Quote Game Quoted By
1409 Fred: "I need some old wood": ScottyDoggy1969: "You called? oshiCreep " Fortnite deanpcmad
1408 "Don't hate the player, hate the egg" - Emily Fortnite deanpcmad
1407 "I like boobies" - Fred Fortnite deanpcmad
1406 "I'm gonna milk someone, out my way" - Emily Fortnite deanpcmad
1405 "I am not even moist, I am WET. And I hate it" - RhiLou32 Fortnite deanpcmad
1404 "Are you looking to have some fun... with daddy?" - Fred Fortnite deanpcmad
1403 " besides I already have a lincolnshire sausage in dan's pants" LUL - @mscuppykate Fortnite j3tstorm
1402 "This game could use jiggle physics" - Scarface581 Fortnite deanpcmad
1401 "oshiThink hmm, do I want to chat shit? .... actually I do" - Fred Fortnite deanpcmad
1400 @deanpcmad - "This starfish tastes like pussy NODDERS " Fortnite mspeachyxo
1399 "don't touch me, your a just a forskin" - @dotbmp Fortnite j3tstorm
1398 Fred: "Is this worth the fight?" Also Fred: *runs after them* Fortnite deanpcmad
1397 "My water has been pissing out of every orifice... the house, not me LUL " - Emily Fortnite deanpcmad
1396 "Every single person who kills me is a stream sniper oshiW " - Fred Fortnite deanpcmad
1395 "In this channel we hate James Somerton" - Emily Fortnite deanpcmad
1394 "Every day I wake up fully erect" - Fred Fortnite deanpcmad
1393 "Give your bits a lick, I want them sticky" - Fred Fortnite deanpcmad
1392 "I like the fists, they just work better for me" - Emily Brawlhalla j3tstorm
1391 "SANTA YOU FUCK" - mspeachyxo Brawlhalla deanpcmad
1390 "Take a note from your hairline... take a step back" - Fred Just Chatting deanpcmad

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