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1196 "grey sweatpants angry crab? oshiSwoon " - swyll deanpcmad
1195 "I can't cope with this while learning about the P-Organ" - Emily deanpcmad
1194 "the P organ is my 2nd name" - @deanpcmad j3tstorm
1193 " I could do with a good bonking too" oshiCreep - @deanpcmad j3tstorm
1192 "I really would like to smash your arse though" - Emily deanpcmad
1191 "First Date idea: IKEA. If you make it out alive and together, you're allowed a second date" - RhiLou32 deanpcmad
1190 "The true-est freaks of the United Kingdom live in Suffolk" - Emily deanpcmad
1189 "Oh. Oh god. It's the French" - Emily deanpcmad
1188 Fred: "It looks as hard as it feels". Emily: "You can try it if you want?" deanpcmad
1187 "You'd have to be insane and have a disease to become a police officer anyway" - Emily deanpcmad
1186 "I'm such a glass cannon of idiocy" - Emily deanpcmad
1185 "DEAN HAS A FRESH BUTTHOLE" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
1184 RhiLou - "Dean's touching my ball and asking someone to sit on him? Sounds like a great night Dean tbh." mspeachyxo
1183 Emily - "YEAH i deserve this! SQUASH me DADDDDAY" mspeachyxo
1182 Lemons - " I would throw my ass at EMILY too oshiE " mspeachyxo
1181 "That man's electrocuted my entire hole" - Emily deanpcmad
1180 "Oh I'm good at working the back" - Fred deanpcmad
1179 "I'm fully erect because I was correct" - Emily deanpcmad
1178 "oh god it's a wheel of dicks" - BluesExpl0sion deanpcmad
1177 "Ima shove this boss so far up someone's arse they're not gonna no whether to enjoy it or not" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad

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