Chat Quotes

These are a list of quotes that can be used in chat

Number Quote Quoted By
1 That is not the advertised size deanpcmad
2 I'm not sure if the thing is long enough deanpcmad
3 We have 30 minutes now until we have to stop screwing and we have 1 job to do that involves screwing deanpcmad
4 "Put me in that basement" - Em bt26
5 "You've got coriander? What are we going to do, rub it on ourselves?" - Em deanpcmad
6 "Fred, you fucking cunt!" - Emily deanpcmad
7 No hair, no bang - Emily deanpcmad
8 "im scared of slapping my titty." - Emily deanpcmad
9 "Don't you dare host when I say 'where are the nipples'" - Emily deanpcmad
10 "I like balls" - Em deanpcmad
11 "Oh my god, I want to put my tongue in it" - Em bt26
12 electroswing is the musical equivalent of a neckbeard wearing a Zelda shirt but thinking he's dressed up cause he has a vest and fedora - SpaceVelociraptor deanpcmad
13 "I don't mind the chode" - Fred bt26
14 "Two minutes is too long" - Em bt26
15 "You can actually. Actually. Shove it up your arse" - Em deanpcmad
16 "That was quick and fucking intense" - Fred bt26
17 "We are rich in balls" - Fred bt26
18 "Stop blowing Flo" - TheWooglie bt26
19 "I can't see because there's too much bush in the way" - Emily deanpcmad
20 "God, I died legs splayed" - Emily j3tstorm
21 "Florence is a wanker" - Fred deanpcmad
22 "I'm worried a wedding party is currently eating all of my hummus" - Sophie deanpcmad
23 "Jolly you fat headed idiot!" - Emily deanpcmad
24 "What is this throbbing thing?" - Emily deanpcmad
25 "If you lose with this gun, it's just because you're bad" - Em to Fred deanpcmad
26 "People who watch TV bring me confusion. It's just adverts" - Em deanpcmad
28 "if you have zero viewers, it means you're being a bellend" - tdrobbo deanpcmad
29 "AMD are the tits" - Fred deanpcmad
30 "Custard can go fuck itself" - Em deanpcmad
31 "You RPG fucking wang bucket" - Em deanpcmad
32 "Tier 3 subs get added to my Obituary" - Em deanpcmad
33 "This stream is slowly becoming 'Emily licks things'" - Emily deanpcmad
34 "Pull a Biden? What, forget my own name?" - Emily deanpcmad
35 """Semin in the box" never gets old." -Freddy, 9th of October 2010 c222
36 "Bollocks, I love bollocks." - Em bt26
37 "Not to overreact but CUNT" - Emily deanpcmad
38 "Stop tagging me in NVidia shit, I don't careeeee" - Emily deanpcmad
39 "Oh, I am aroused by myself!" - Emily deanpcmad
40 "go get yourself a wet shower" - Fred deanpcmad
41 "Oh what do you want, bowl cut?" - Emily deanpcmad
42 "I'm dyslexic, you bastard!" - Em deanpcmad
43 "You have to follow first you spoon!" - Emily deanpcmad
44 "How did I get none of that tail action?" - Emily deanpcmad
45 "I'm getting my arse eaten.... WOAH, that's not what I meant" - Emily deanpcmad
46 "I'm ready to kill some fish" - Emily every time she plays Minecraft deanpcmad
47 "That's a nice looking knob.... wait...." - Emily deanpcmad
48 "If feels big but it's actually small" - Emily deanpcmad
49 "we literally changed that in the first week bc you yelled at me... FOR YOU YOU BELL ENDS" - tdrobbo deanpcmad
50 "You escaped chungus from the zoo of wide butts" - Emily deanpcmad
51 "I jumped so hard, I just dislocated a tit" - Emily deanpcmad
52 "we've laughed, we've cried, we've realised it's shit" - Emily about CoD Cold War deanpcmad
53 "Fuck you Nevada, and your slow ass bitchness" - Emily deanpcmad
54 "Shit, cock, fuck, bollocks" - Emily deanpcmad
55 "Suck 'em if you've got 'em, Em" - Fred deanpcmad
56 "I'm sucking this big boy" - Fred deanpcmad
57 "The spices got me up... wait" - Fred deanpcmad
58 "Those are the actions of a lunatic. A man who wishes for death" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
59 "Nothing worse than getting banged in the arsehole by zombies and having someone tell you about it" - Emily deanpcmad
60 "You need to stop doing that, you need to do things that aren't that." - Emily deets99
61 Farts are great, they're great for clearing rooms too! - Emily CoD Zombies deets99
62 "I want to try the balls because I think it'll be fun" - Emily deanpcmad
63 "It's a really ugly knob, but it tastes good" - Emily deanpcmad
64 "*sneeze* - I'm allergic to flat asses" - Emily deanpcmad
65 "I love destroying cunts" - Fred deanpcmad
66 "I wish this thing was a little bit bigger..." - Fred deanpcmad
67 "Can this just stop playing songs and enter me" - Emily deanpcmad
68 "a hole is a hole" - Emily deanpcmad
69 "The troll gave me some head..." - Fred deanpcmad
70 "It looks a bit weird, but it's up" - Fred - deanpcmad
71 Fred: "Emily and Sophie suffer with the Big D"... Emily: "Unlike Fred oshiEvil LUL " - deanpcmad
72 "I didn't know it was going to suck us off" - Fred & Emily deanpcmad
73 "apparently halfman/halfleopards are HUNG, my friends" - limertilly deanpcmad
74 "don't suck me, don't suck me, don't suck me" - Fred fighting a Kraken in SoT deanpcmad
75 "I thought it tasted like arse, which is totally fine." - Emily deanpcmad
76 "Well, guess I'll just die" - Emily deanpcmad
77 Emily: "I want to lick something". Fred: "big testicle?" deanpcmad
78 "Fred you little PogChamp Bastard" - Emily deanpcmad
79 "We mounted them! Dominance! Dominance!" - Emily deanpcmad
80 "I said pull it, not tickle it" - Emily deanpcmad
81 "I've been cooking that meat for this exact moment" - Emily deanpcmad
82 "The little spicy bitches" - Sophie after eating a Birds Eye chilli at LDN deanpcmad
83 "Thank you and thanks" - Fred deanpcmad
84 "I'm up to my nipples in moisture" - Emily deanpcmad
85 "I have a passion for Sausage, Em" - Fred deanpcmad
86 "What you were doing with that tentacle was insane" - Emily deanpcmad
87 "Oh, what a bush!" - Emily deanpcmad
88 Em "Fred if you could get out of my arsehole, that would be delightful" mspeachyxo
89 "Can I come over and help you pull out" - Em mspeachyxo
90 "We want D" - Fred deanpcmad
91 "Yo, I'm obsessed with this guy's ding dong" - Emily thejackalman
92 Em - "Ah we shagged him" mspeachyxo
93 "Fred, your penis is in the way" - Emily deanpcmad
94 "Who is shooting at me while I'm trying to remember breakfast" - Emily deanpcmad
95 Em "I was gonna tea bag" mspeachyxo
96 Em "the D is coming, who's gonna take it?" mspeachyxo
97 "You bought a bottle of water? You know we have a tap?" Emily to Sophie deanpcmad
98 "Oh, you've got wood" - Emily deanpcmad
99 "Oh lord, I'm getting sucked" - Fred deanpcmad
100 "Can't deny a bit of willie" - Emily deanpcmad
101 "Do you guys want to see my pee jug?" - Fred deanpcmad
102 "oh my god yours are tiny!" - Emily to Fred. Kappa deanpcmad
103 "Servers still up, suck my balls" - Emily deanpcmad
104 "Put it in, it's jiggling" - Emily deanpcmad
105 Emily "Suck on ma dick, suck on ma dick" mspeachyxo
106 "If I start a band, I'm going to call it 'Satan's Barbed Foreskin'" - Emily deanpcmad
107 Emily "suck ma willayyyyy" mspeachyxo
108 Fred: "This game reminds me of DayZ". Emily: "Don't say that" deanpcmad
109 "What's a Fred lasagna?" "It's my special sex move" deanpcmad
110 Fred "level 37 ima put ma dick in the hole" mspeachyxo
111 "No lemons, only death" - Emily deanpcmad
112 Fred "ima get a cock slap, don't act like you don't know what I mean" mspeachyxo
113 "That was probably my last hit on the testical in this game and I missed it" - Emily deanpcmad
114 J3tstorm "it's over Sadge a whole month with no tingly" mspeachyxo
115 "Is it up?" - Emily deanpcmad
116 "That guy's got 2 arms!" - Fred deanpcmad
117 "I do love to swing" - Emily deanpcmad
118 Em "Well someone put their dick in the bird" mspeachyxo
119 "Can you even be spiritual when you're shitting everywhere?" - Emily deanpcmad
120 "Shred that muff" - Emily deanpcmad
121 Em "My arse is still in the fire, don't tell anyone" mspeachyxo
122 Em "I want a pet to live in my box" mspeachyxo
123 "I'm going to rename myself. I'm the Stream Proctologist" - Fred deanpcmad
124 Em "I'm standing here and things are throbbing" mspeachyxo
125 Em - "Fred doesn't care about my bolls". Fred - "yes I do put them in my mouth" mspeachyxo
126 "Mobile? I'm gonna go piss" - Fred deanpcmad
127 "This is just another Tom Wick game... the lesser known brother of John Wick LUL " - Emily deanpcmad
128 "Allow me to suck from the precious bag of life" - Emily deanpcmad
129 "You gotta have length" - Fred deanpcmad
130 "It's dripping and moist... and I've got my mouth all around it" - Fred eating a brownie deanpcmad
131 Emily "Mmhmm, I kinda do want the frosty fist" mspeachyxo
132 "Scarface is absolutely useless" - Fred deanpcmad
133 "Behold, my floppy orange" - Emily deanpcmad
134 "Noooo, the sploodge" - Emily deanpcmad
135 Fred "Seagulls can go fucka themselves mspeachyxo
136 Fred " oshiCreep I'd travel for a bang" mspeachyxo
137 "That's how I want my meat. Old fashioned" - Fred deanpcmad
139 "I'm not going touch a single one of those balls" - Fred deanpcmad
140 "oh my god, I still smell" - Emily deanpcmad
141 "He makes great music but he looks like a foot" - Emily deanpcmad
142 "Come back, I need your skin!" - Emily deanpcmad
143 Em - " oshiT OMG, its going in" mspeachyxo
143 Em - "sorry I was just trying to hype you up as a bit of a shagger" mspeachyxo
144 Emily - "I WANT THE ROD" mspeachyxo
145 "My nut sense is wild now" - Emily deanpcmad
146 Emily "He turned up, shoved his dick in my face and fooked off" mspeachyxo
147 Emily - SuckAFuck mspeachyxo
148 Emily - "He's coming all the time, he's on my arse" mspeachyxo
149 Emily - "I'm like between his legs, I'm not enjoying it" mspeachyxo
150 "I love tentacles" - Fred deanpcmad
151 "gaggles of knoblegs everywhere" - Fred deanpcmad
152 "Oh lawd, he suckin'" - Emily deanpcmad
153 "All this talk of you hoeing has got me a blaze" - Emily deanpcmad
154 Fred - (Clotted cream) that..... has.... aroused me chat oshiCreep mspeachyxo
155 Fred - "The penis is jizzing on me, Em" mspeachyxo
156 Emily - "Woman! Engage your legs" mspeachyxo
157 Emily - "I shan't be thrusted in the foot" mspeachyxo
158 Emily - "What the heck, I just climbed the pole" mspeachyxo
159 "I feel like a guy having a pee" - Emily deanpcmad
160 Fred - "Attack Helicopter came on my face" mspeachyxo
161 Emily - "I'm holding it and nothing is happening" mspeachyxo
162 Emily - "I'm experiencing some weird jiggery pokery" mspeachyxo
163 "He has balls the size of coconuts, he clacks as he walks" - Emily deanpcmad
164 Emily - "Boris the bitch, Yeah I said it" oshiSip mspeachyxo
165 "You fucking arsehole! Where do you live, I'm going to come over there and slap your mum" - Emily deanpcmad
166 Emily - "Peachy put down your bits" mspeachyxo
167 "Give them to me, I'll put them in my slot" - Fred deanpcmad
168 "We need to give Ben some arsehole training" - Fred deanpcmad
169 Emily - "Ooo my arse.... fondled" mspeachyxo
170 Fred to Emily - "You ready to penetrate the hole?" mspeachyxo
171 Emily - "Fred stop tea bagging" mspeachyxo
172 Emily - "You sucka my juice out" mspeachyxo
173 "But do you have ✨ the touch ✨ " - Fred deanpcmad
174 Emily to Fred - "Did he SHOOT me? he BLEW my bits off" mspeachyxo
175 Fred - "I forgot why I needed head" mspeachyxo
176 "I've just got a sad frog looking at me" - Fred deanpcmad
177 EMILY "I've been getting head.... ALOT" mspeachyxo
178 "Put it in your pocket pussy" - Fred deanpcmad
179 "it's not funny to hurl yourself off a cliff you didn't see" - Emily deanpcmad
180 Emily - "That doesn't look like a hand that went in a hole" mspeachyxo
181 "They've got good bush cover" - Fred deanpcmad
182 Emily - "I did it" ... "I shouldn't have done that" mspeachyxo
183 Emily - "I got tired of waiting, I needed some dickkk" mspeachyxo
184 Fred - " oshiN BUSTIN MAKES ME FEEL GOOD" mspeachyxo
185 "We all roll the dice of death" - Emily deanpcmad
186 "What the fuck, P_NESS!" - Emily deanpcmad
187 Emily - "He's such a background bitch, why did i save him?" deets99
188 "the community has driven me to drink" - Emily deanpcmad
189 "I think I dislocated a tit" - Emily deanpcmad
190 "If that flew at me, I'd shit and die" - Emily deanpcmad
191 "Glad I'm not pregnant or I'd have given birth" - Emily after getting scared by scary bit sounds deanpcmad
192 "What the fuck... I just dislocated my face" - Emily deanpcmad
193 "I really don't want to put it in my mouth" - Emily deanpcmad
194 "Thank god that wasn't my ass crease" - Emily deanpcmad
195 "I'd live in Camden. I'm a right twat" - Fred deanpcmad
196 "I would unhinge my jaw and *aahhhhh* consume" - Emily deanpcmad
197 "Can you get me some water, I can't go in dry" - Emily deanpcmad
198 Philbert - "My nipples explode with delight!" mspeachyxo
199 "What about a big, thick Sharpie between the cheeks?" -Emily deanpcmad
200 "Where is everybody? AHHHH" - Emily deanpcmad
201 Emily - "Consider me warmed up and ready for action" mspeachyxo
202 "The only creamy boi I like is ice cream" - Emily deanpcmad
203 "Dude, the RECOIL. I've never pulled down so much in my life. I lost desk" - Emily deanpcmad
204 Em -"No my boo'lets, suck it" mspeachyxo
205 Em - "WHY am I out here dry and butterless" mspeachyxo
206 Em - oshiPissed "You crotch shotting, shit lord" mspeachyxo
207 "Mandatory butt chugs" - Emily deanpcmad
208 "Nothing but head" - Emily deanpcmad
209 "Oh for fucks fucking fuck" - Emily deanpcmad
210 Emily - "We finally get in a vehicle together, strangle me" mspeachyxo
211 Emily - "My brain sucks, spread the word" mspeachyxo
212 "Have you dislocated your brain" - Emily to an idiot in chat deanpcmad
213 Fred to Emily - "Oh I fluffed your banana before the stream by the way" mspeachyxo
214 "Can I give you feedback? I'd rather you fist yourself" - Emily deanpcmad
215 Emily - "Can you believe Fred is asking about my banana at a time like this?" mspeachyxo
216 Emily - "am I not in yet? chop chop" mspeachyxo
217 I prefer it when they're long and skinny - Emily deets99
218 "If I could read, I would be unstoppable" - Emily deanpcmad
219 Emily - " pepeD put it on my face, put it on my face pepeD " mspeachyxo
221 "You're going to call be a toff but this tinsel cost be £8" - Sophie deanpcmad
222 "This is a PG13 stream, how fucking dare you!" - Sophie deanpcmad
223 "dick, balls, bugger, arse crack AND cheeks" - Emily deanpcmad
224 "There's a 40% chance the stream will end" - Emily deanpcmad
225 "You have the eyes of an eagle and the face of a parrot" - Emily deanpcmad
226 Emily - " oshiEvil Gotcha bitch " mspeachyxo
227 Emily - "Well fuck me, what part of this is supposed to be pleasurable?" mspeachyxo
228 "Scotty, you're old enough to remember the brontosaurus', right?" - Emily deanpcmad
229 "Do we want to shove it in and call it a day?" - Emily deanpcmad
230 "It's hard to describe the taste. I'll describe the taste as 'good'" - Fred deanpcmad
231 "Ah fuck, Scarface you arsehole" - Emily deanpcmad
232 Dean - "Peachy's new butthole looks so good" mspeachyxo
233 "You're an old meme, get out of my channel!" - Emily to Sophie deanpcmad
234 Emily - "Gotta go around it, it's throbbing" mspeachyxo
235 Emily sees a tree "Love a bit of trunk" mspeachyxo
236 "I'LL TAKE THE D" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
237 "It does not matter how many candle you light" - Fred deanpcmad
238 Emily - "Shove. It. Up. Your. Arse." mspeachyxo
239 Emily - "In the tits ON the tits and all around" mspeachyxo
240 Fred about Emily - "We're not talking about the fact that Emily did it by bending over" mspeachyxo
241 "This big rod is making lots of noise" - Fred deanpcmad
242 "My left testical for a shield" - Fred deanpcmad
243 "It tastes like sock" - Emily deanpcmad
244 "SANTA WANTS THE SEX" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
245 "Come on, I'd date me like this" - Emily deanpcmad
246 "Oh my god, it's sticky" - Emily deanpcmad
247 "Balls and madness" - Emily deanpcmad
248 Emily - "Fred will do anything for about a tenner" mspeachyxo
249 "This guy is sucking all the juice outta me" - Emily deanpcmad
250 Emily - "GoXLR Can go suck my dick" mspeachyxo
251 "You international spoon of the decade" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
252 "It says it tastes of raspberry but it tastes like dong" - Emily deanpcmad
253 "Teach me how to breed? That's not a button I want to press" - Emily deanpcmad
254 "Growth is unlimited" - Fred deanpcmad
255 Emily - "Chat say hi to willay" mspeachyxo
256 Fred - "Chat what would your reaction be if I offered you my pole?" mspeachyxo
257 Emily - "Chat if you don't have space in your inventory when willy offers you the pole........." mspeachyxo
258 "Oh it went straight up! That's not how it usually does" - Emily deanpcmad
259 "I did push that button as soon as you put it in" - Fred deanpcmad
260 Emily to Fred - "I'm going to take you in to the forest and break you in" mspeachyxo
261 "What the fuck have I got this chub for?" - Emily bt26
262 "I do love melons" - Fred deanpcmad
263 Fred "Still searching for the sweetest taste, have you tried eating ASS?" mspeachyxo
264 "I just wanna be milked tbh oshiSip " - Peachy deanpcmad
265 Emily - "Brain rub and dick twist" mspeachyxo
266 Fred - "Where's the Hole" blacphazon
267 "Fremily have the biggest sticks here" mspeachyxo
268 "As long as you're stroking the goat every day" - Emily deanpcmad
269 "Day trip to Calais? I would shit" - Emily deanpcmad
270 Fred - " oshiCreep I'm gonna suck on it " mspeachyxo
271 Emily - "I've cum twice" mspeachyxo
272 "I wouldn't have a wrist left if it wasn't for FloBot" - RhiLou32 deanpcmad
273 Fred - "Emily is always trying to get on the D" mspeachyxo
274 "I'm just about to frag out... oh I died" - Emily deanpcmad
275 Emily - "JEEZ, he shot me into the menu" mspeachyxo
276 "Oh f- fuck off!" - Fred deanpcmad
277 "Florence, come get some drugs!" - Emily deanpcmad
278 "Chat, are you going to simp for me?" - Fred deanpcmad
279 Emily: "Do you want to see my tank?". Fred: "Sure, I'll put my clam in it" deanpcmad
280 Fred - "Where's the auto suck" mspeachyxo
281 "Now let's celebrate with a bowl of stuffing" - Fred deanpcmad
282 "be ready for the best night of your life Fred" - Emily deanpcmad
283 Fred - "If it has nipples we can milk it" mspeachyxo
284 Fred - " That was a good night of Sex Kreygasm " mspeachyxo
285 "im a slut for korma no lie" - Peachy deanpcmad
286 "I'm pounding" - Emily thewooglie
287 "I can't be found face down on the floor again" - Emily deanpcmad
288 Fred - " oshiW Oh yes the hole " mspeachyxo
289 Emily - "Face down arse up" j3tstorm
290 "I'm going to re-build this house on Minecraft and burn it down" - Fred deanpcmad
291 Emily - "You know what it is, tastes like herbs and dick" mspeachyxo
292 "It's been a day. I was driven to drink" - Emily deanpcmad
293 Fred - "Too many blowjobs" mspeachyxo
294 Emily - "OMG I nearly dislocated my soul" mspeachyxo
295 "Love me some melons" - Peachy deanpcmad
296 "we've only put a bumhole on screen once" - Emily deanpcmad
297 Emily - "Got no hole, blew my dick off" mspeachyxo
298 Emily - "Two blobs and a flying wanker" mspeachyxo
299 "Guess I'll get the melons out oshiCreep " - Emily deanpcmad
300 "Fred is unstrangleable. I've tried!" - Em bt26
301 Emily - "Whatup bitches it's meee" mspeachyxo
302 Emily "im going to finish him by hand" j3tstorm
303 Emily - "I splooged someone by accident" mspeachyxo
304 "Excuse me, I'm ranting you bint" - Emily deanpcmad
305 "Can you go to the wine drunk? FUCK" - Emily deanpcmad
306 "I love to be choked! what" - Fred deanpcmad
307 Emily - "I'm gettin my arse lasered" mspeachyxo
308 "Chat, if you're not jiggling at least 1 butt cheek, what are you doing" - Emily deanpcmad
309 Emily - "Good morning, i was hoping to see some cheeks" mspeachyxo
310 Emily - "Fred I'm gonna sell ya" mspeachyxo
311 "I'm literally about to come" - Fred j3tstorm
312 "We have performed the YMCA and my titties are looking great" - Emily deanpcmad
313 "You long armed biatch" - Emily deanpcmad
314 Em - "Ow my fucking knob" mspeachyxo
315 Emily - "DUDE you're too horny for me Jeeeez" mspeachyxo
316 Emily - "Do you want my fingers babe? you can have em" mspeachyxo
317 "that guy down there is a blahdaskdas" - Emily deanpcmad
318 "I'm up to my tits in dust, pay me money" - Emily deanpcmad
319 "Bitch slapped with a trumpet"- Emily thewooglie
320 "Woohoo! I exploded your butthole!" - Emily deanpcmad
321 "dude that stick is long" - Emily deanpcmad
322 Sophie - "Why does his wand look like anal beads" mspeachyxo
323 "My ass is chonking." - Emily mspeachyxo
324 "Oh, he's got big farts" - Fred deanpcmad
325 "The house smells like a flamin sausage" - Emily deanpcmad
326 "We are stimmed off our tits" - Emily deanpcmad
327 "There was someone at the door and I yelled 'WHERE'S THE FISH'" - Emily deanpcmad
328 "Get her in the hole" - Emily thewooglie
329 Emily - "It's called my sexy helmet" mspeachyxo
330 "if I die I die but at least my house smells nice" - Peachy deanpcmad
331 "Nooo, don't die like an idiot. Live like a cool person" - Emily deanpcmad
332 "oh cock off!" - Emily deanpcmad
333 "now that would slap me about a bit" - Emily deanpcmad
334 Fred - "I thought it was gonna be, Wam bam thank you mam" mspeachyxo
335 "Can I be a bike?" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
336 Emily - "WHAT is pounding my arse hole" mspeachyxo
337 Emily - "You've been sprayed by Fremily" mspeachyxo
338 "We both do magic and smack" - Fred deanpcmad
339 "I'm looking forward to seeing your new butthole Peachy" - Fred thewooglie
340 Emily - "I swear I made eye contact with the squirrels nipples" mspeachyxo
341 Emily - "We are just gonna work the groin" mspeachyxo
342 Emily - "I want to get 6 guys and a bomb" mspeachyxo
343 Emily - "Fred may I get down and lick your toes" mspeachyxo
344 "what is a Saturday, but a day of the week to become inebriated?" - dotbmp deanpcmad
345 "What is a Sunday" - Emily deanpcmad
346 Emily "I'm a fucking idiot". Fred: "agreed oshiEvil " deanpcmad
347 "You son of a thrusting sod!" - Emily deanpcmad
348 Emily - "BAD NEWS everyone, Fred splooged" mspeachyxo
349 Emily - "Fred get your finger out the sauce" mspeachyxo
350 "Chat, would you lick the tip?" - Emily deanpcmad
351 "note to self: upon reheating stew, stew will be VERY HOT" - limertilly deanpcmad
352 "Raiding in to Emily's impression of Boris Johnson" - Fred deanpcmad
353 "Fred during Valheim - The hammer is my penis" mspeachyxo
354 "You don't need a bed to bang" - Emily deanpcmad
355 "Button is that true? Is that how big it is?" - Fred deanpcmad
356 Emily - "Look, LOOK at my bazonks" mspeachyxo
357 "I right clicked and gained wood" - Emily thewooglie
358 "Let me slurp!" - Emily deanpcmad
359 "We'll go for a big group massage. ...wait I mean a spa" - Fred deanpcmad
360 "She can step on me" - Emily talking about Lucy Liu deanpcmad
361 "I love riding limertilly" - Emily thewooglie
362 "May the first?.... be with you? .... oh, may the 4th." - Emily deanpcmad
363 "serious case of worm" - Emily deanpcmad
364 "Chat, we've got to get our last lick in. Put your headphones on" - Emily deanpcmad
365 "No one masturbate to my foot" - Fred deanpcmad
366 "I don't care about your sausage" is a reply you can give to all men on the internet' - Emily deanpcmad
367 "Let's just say the Barclays woman won't be the only one glued to a chair if Fred isn't careful." - limertilly thewooglie
368 "i dont have names for boobs. i dont talk with my mouth full." - Deets99 thewooglie
369 "No peace here then, only twats" - Emily deanpcmad
370 "Do u miss h1z1 days?". Emily: NO. deanpcmad
371 "you look suspiciously creamy" - Emily deanpcmad
372 "Simmer, what crimes against humanity have you eaten today?" - Emily deanpcmad
373 "I would shag his voice" - Emily deanpcmad
374 "What happened to the game? Oh... I'm drunk" - Fred deanpcmad
375 "DLC... stands for dick licking content" - Emily deanpcmad
376 "Does my bush look alright to you?" - Fred deanpcmad
377 "I'm fighting the tentacle. I kinda want to lick it" - Emily deanpcmad
378 "I'm ready to penetrate." - Emily thewooglie
379 "there might always be a penis" - Fred deanpcmad
380 "My eye balls fell out. They were rolling around on the floor" - Emily deanpcmad
381 "A grenade! My fucking vagina just got knocked off" - Emily deanpcmad
382 "Jonathan Cockoff... I shot his cock off, you see" - Emily deanpcmad
383 "That guy sucked, but he's dead now" - Fred deanpcmad
384 "CDs nuts on you face lul" - Timothy_Molinari deanpcmad
385 "fuck, i could've gone for the testicles" -Emily May 2022 j3tstorm
386 "I'm gonna try and throw a nazi in the lava" - Emily deanpcmad
387 Emily - "Me Flapssss" mspeachyxo
388 "The head wanker is in the way" - Emily deanpcmad
389 Emily - "Fred is still head wanking" mspeachyxo
390 Fred - "Choo choo bitch" mspeachyxo
391 "The train is thicker than I am, and that's saying something" - Emily deanpcmad
392 Emily - "AM I penetrating?" mspeachyxo
393 "NEIN, dick hole" - Emily deanpcmad
394 "I'd be a hoe for a burger right now" - Peachy deanpcmad
395 Fred - "clap on me arse gave me away Em" mspeachyxo
396 "Sometimes you gotta stop touching it" - Emily deanpcmad
397 "you have entered the hippo zone, that's what I say when you enter my bedroom" - Emily deanpcmad
398 "They fuck until death. You love to see it" - Emily talking about Hippos deanpcmad
399 Fred to Emily - "Have you got an infinite hole?" mspeachyxo
400 "Yeah, I'd lay my eggs in here *tongue sounds*" - Emily deanpcmad
401 "I think you need to fascinate the hole first" - Fred deanpcmad
402 "You're about to awaken a dark and forbidden side to me. The gyrations." - Emily deanpcmad
403 Emily - "Fred is cooking in the kitchen and it smells so good that I'm about to morb out" mspeachyxo
404 "I really need to show you something before it falls off" - Emily deanpcmad
405 Emily - "Oh no, i can't escape the cheeks" mspeachyxo
406 Fred during a 5 gifted sub bomb "WOAAHHH FUCK ME" mspeachyxo
407 "Tell me what my meat tastes like" - Fred deanpcmad
408 "It felt faster than usual" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
409 "I'm talking about my onlyfans. Sub for Sausage" - Fred deanpcmad
410 Emily to Fred - "Do you want to ejaculate on the enemy" mspeachyxo
411 "noooooo, it's gone floppy" - Emily deanpcmad
412 "If Ben Shapiro can do a kegel while I'm inside, I'm down." - Fred deanpcmad
413 "sometimes people are all fart, and no poo" - Emily rhilou32
414 "How the fuck do I make this big?" - Emily deanpcmad
415 "Fred will be adjusting his dongle on camera" - Emily deanpcmad
416 "this bitch is a square" - Emily deanpcmad
417 Fred: "If you press the button on the bottom it mutes you" Emily: "So I can crack out a fart?" deanpcmad
418 "Don't mind that sound, chat. That was my cock falling off" - Emily deanpcmad
419 "i dont need a hose i'm already wet" - Deets deanpcmad
420 "I'd be fat as fuck but SO HAPPY" - Fred deanpcmad
421 "Why would you be doing that? Masturbation??" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
422 "400 lbs? We can have sex in it!" - Emily deanpcmad
423 "This is what I live for... oh...yes" - Emily deanpcmad
424 "Your body will never be found and your children will never mourn you! ... oh no no oh shit I'm sorry no I'm sorry" - Emily deanpcmad
425 when the hole is like going to places you cant see, its gross. - Fred noelonpc
426 "Why am I juggling so many beverages?" - Emily deanpcmad
427 "oh my god, it's a pinchy squirter" - Fred j3tstorm
428 Emily - "My door is flapless" mspeachyxo
429 Emily - "I have a sticky finger now" mspeachyxo
430 "Sunday is for wonky eyeliner" - Emily deanpcmad
431 "woahhh, I wanna club someone with that!" - Emily deanpcmad
432 Emily to Fred - "Step one, Get the fuck out" mspeachyxo
433 Emily - "Okay, okay I get it its a big stick" mspeachyxo
434 Deets - "I just thought of so many dildo jokes i over loaded myself" mspeachyxo
435 "Oh you've got wings? NOOOOOOOOOO" - Emily falling off a cliff deanpcmad
436 "I got flapped off the platform" - Em mspeachyxo
437 "Precision German engineering from Fred" - Emily while Fred jumps and falls off a cliff deanpcmad
438 "AHHHHHHHHHH ᶠᵘᶜᵏ" - Fred deanpcmad
439 Fred - "Its just little Freddie, Little Freddie is about this big, 🤏" mspeachyxo
440 Fred - "Just got caught with my pants down, watcha gonna do?" mspeachyxo
441 "You're my little slutty slut and you love it @TheWooglie KEKW " - Deets99 thewooglie
442 "I'm an issue" - Emily rhilou32
443 "GET UR CRABS READY CHAT" - Deets99 deanpcmad
444 Fred - "Rock out with your cock out" mspeachyxo
445 "apparently you can just shove fucking airpods up my ass and I can be tracked by NASA" - Emily mspeachyxo
446 "Show me ya feets" - Emily deanpcmad
447 "Wooooo, I'm about to take my clothes off and do a dance" - Emily deanpcmad
448 Emily - "I'm pro hoof, give me the hoof" mspeachyxo
449 "The French always leave me satisfied" - Fred deanpcmad
450 Fred - "We're tea bagging" Emily - "YASSS" mspeachyxo
451 "You can't jump straight to the 69" - Emily deanpcmad
452 Gradius - "Get someone that looks at you like Em looks at Fred when he lands a juicy headshot" mspeachyxo
453 Fred - "and by love I mean a real good fisting" mspeachyxo
454 Fred - "I don't know why but everytime I say the word meteor, I always think meaty whore" mspeachyxo
455 "WAIT I make quotes" - mspeachyxo thewooglie
456 "flo bot is the dark souls of self serve check outs" - Deets99 deanpcmad
457 "well, now i know how spongebob sounds when he cums" - limertilly thewooglie
458 "THE SOUND COMING FROM THEM IS ORGASMIC" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
459 "Look at Bt26's butthole" - Fred deanpcmad
460 "good job i'm good at playing with pussy oshiCreep " - Deets99 deanpcmad
461 Fred to Emily - "You filled up your pussy, i mean bussy" mspeachyxo
462 Emily - " Chats got the horn, spray chat oshiClean " mspeachyxo
463 Meganyy - "after seeing these photos I now AM mad i am not in consideration for the threeway" mspeachyxo
464 "100% gay for mermaids" - Emily deanpcmad
465 "I make-a the mistake-a ItalianHands " - Emily deanpcmad
466 Emily: "Who am I milking on this raft?!". Fred: "Meeee? oshiCreep " deanpcmad
467 Emily - "I win you lose, suck it" mspeachyxo
468 "I got mad wood." - Emily mspeachyxo
469 "holy what the fuck fuck" - Fred deanpcmad
470 Emily - " Like be an arsehole but don't expect me to pat you on the back" mspeachyxo
471 Emily - "Get your shark arse outta ma face" mspeachyxo
472 "The nose needs what it needs." - Fred mspeachyxo
473 "I fear they've confiscated your gun due to incompetence" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
474 Fred - "The reward chat, for going in a random hole" mspeachyxo
475 Fred - "I can fit so much in ma ass" mspeachyxo
476 Emily to Fred - "You can be a light wanker, there's no harm" mspeachyxo
477 "I was just trollin' it's not a dick don't take it so hard oshiSip " - Peachy deanpcmad
478 "When a man's butt fails him, the world cries." -Fred j3tstorm
479 "Bitch, detect THESE NUTS" - Emily deanpcmad
480 Fred - "Emily's Food last night was so good you'd have nutted on the spot" mspeachyxo
481 "People will do a surprising amount for a fiver" - Emily deanocodes
482 "That was the most nourishing head" - Emily deanocodes
483 "Electro Girl/Emily Bello was once a mild-mannered superhero fighting crimes but when Shell and BP offered her a case of San Pelligrino, she turned her back on the environment and started punching dolphins." - Opti_lulz deanocodes
484 "I'm sploodging" - Emily deanocodes
485 "I'm sploodging in the dark" - Emily deanocodes
486 "Why am I looking at David Attenborough's nipples?" - Emily deanocodes
487 Fred - "Anyone want a bucket of cum?" mspeachyxo
488 "I need to do some tongue exercises" - Emily deanocodes
489 "That is the sluttiest thing I've seen in a long time" - Emily deanocodes
490 timothy_molinari - "Please milk me one last time before you leave" mspeachyxo
491 Fred - "Emily just got a mouthful" mspeachyxo
492 "I am and have always been a massive...... whore" - Emily deanocodes
493 I really want to get rid of this hideous bush - Emily deets99
494 "Andrew Tate can suck my f***ing gooch" - Emily deanocodes
495 Emily BIG CHUNGUS - "Florence come here eat your stick" mspeachyxo
496 Emily - "My arse may be plump but my singing ain't" mspeachyxo
497 Emily on twitter - "it's raining, the temptation to stand outside with my tounge out and say 'yes sky daddy' is far too high" mspeachyxo
498 "It went up as I was stroking it" - Emily deanocodes
499 "Isn't the world's oldest organ Rupert Murdoch?" - limertilly deanocodes
500 "Get tentacled, son of a biatch!" - Emily deanocodes
501 Emily - "OK everyone is horny for prison" mspeachyxo
502 Fred - "I have two characters chat, eat my dick" mspeachyxo
503 "Fred stop shitting everywhere!" - Emily thewooglie
504 "Fine, I'll take some follower meat while I'm here" - Emily deanocodes
505 "Oh, you ascended into the blender, mate!" - Em mspeachyxo
506 Fred - "EAT my arse chat" mspeachyxo
507 "Cooking Fred? How does Fred taste?" - mspeachyxo thewooglie
508 Fred - "Emily just has soft fanny skin" mspeachyxo
509 "If you want to see ball bag, go to TikTok" - Emily deanocodes
510 "Ohhh interesting... Fred's showing me his penis again" - Emily deanocodes
511 "Bottas, get out of my crease!" - Emily deanocodes
512 Emily - "GET HIM, BITE his dick off" mspeachyxo
513 Emily - "I'm gonna go shag some prostitutes" mspeachyxo
514 "Look at your booby it's all brbrbrbr... chromatically aberrated" - Fred to Emily deanocodes
515 "This guy died fucking what he loved... this side board" - Emily deanocodes
516 Emily - "LICK IT, Stick your tongue in the grooves" mspeachyxo
517 Emily - "This you can slot in any orifice you want" mspeachyxo
518 Emily - "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" mspeachyxo
519 "Spank my arse and call me Penelopy" - Emily deanocodes
520 Fred - "" mspeachyxo
521 "I was ***** deep in crumpets but yes I would love some beans" - mspeachyxo deanocodes
522 "way bigger than yours" - Emily deanocodes
523 Sess - "I swear fucking down I will jump in the water and bite that fishes ass to make sure it's less than 1kg" mspeachyxo
524 "It's big, but not big enough" - Emily to Fred deanocodes
525 Emily - "OMG I think it jingled my bells" mspeachyxo
526 Sophie - oshiCreep "I Soiled myself" mspeachyxo
527 Fred - "I've never put this shape in my mouth before" mspeachyxo
528 Emily - "you can play Frosty McBulge" mspeachyxo
529 "Hi. My neighbour just farted loud enough for me to hear it. Kill me." - RhiLou32 deanocodes
530 "I've moistened myself with lemony sweetness" - Emily deanocodes
531 Meganyy - "Fred cmon now no grabbin, you are married" mspeachyxo
532 "Right I have the butt plug... oh and I lost it" - Fred deanocodes
533 Emily - "If I swallow it's gonna be jizzin out the end" mspeachyxo
534 Fred - "I don't know if I can take this much penis in my life" mspeachyxo
535 Emily - "I already spanked your arse" mspeachyxo
536 Dean - " If only I was eaten IRL..... oshiCreep " mspeachyxo
537 "I love drugs" - Scarface581 deanocodes
538 "I'm exceptional at Elvish" - Emily thewooglie
539 Peachy - "BIG STORM POGGIES " J3tstorm - "@mspeachyxo I go by jet thank you" mspeachyxo
540 Fred on NFT Game funds Youtube Vid - " oshiW Hai its me Papa Fred" mspeachyxo
541 Meganyy - "I regularly have nightmares about being naked on stream and having sex and all that jazz" mspeachyxo
542 "Last time I put this in my mouth, it made me gag" - Fred deanocodes
543 Emily: "I want to put it in my mouth. I'm going through a lot right now". Fred: "This is being married to an Italian, chat" deanocodes
544 "I CANT FOCUS ON THE GAME BECAUSE OF HER BOOTY!" - mspeachyxo deanocodes
545 Emily - "I'm not feeling pleasured, oh he has kinda got his nips out though" mspeachyxo
546 "Eww, it's got weird flaps" - Emily deanocodes
547 Emily - "Sorry I'm a little moist" mspeachyxo
548 Emily - "No I just wanted to get my TIDDIES out" mspeachyxo
549 Emily - "I felt like mad dick yesterday" mspeachyxo
550 "It's still just fisting away" - Emily deanocodes
551 Emily - "a simple slip of the finger" mspeachyxo
552 "Noooo, you slut bird" - Emily falling off the edge deanocodes
553 Fred - "EMILY isn't the best at buttplug" mspeachyxo
554 "EvantheLynn: you stay the fuck away from my penguin" - Fred thewooglie
555 Emily - "Cheap and Easy like Fred" mspeachyxo
556 Fred - "the code is Vagina, orgasm, 31 Areola" mspeachyxo
557 Fred - "Dude why do I suck so much dick?" Emily - "It's true" mspeachyxo
558 Dean - " oshiCreep show me your goods " mspeachyxo
559 Emily to Fred - "All you've done is sat there talking about the Queen and rubbing your balls" mspeachyxo
560 "I look way more bangable with hair" - Fred deanocodes
561 "Wooden why are you so fucking weird" - Peachy deanpcmad_
562 "as I've said before spaghetti is straight until its wet oshiSip " - Peachy deanpcmad_
563 Fred: "How's the crisps?" Emily: "Spicy foot" deanpcmad_
564 Meganyy - "fred i was hoping you'd hold on to the long bean and we'd finish" mspeachyxo
565 Emily - "OMG you're new, welcome in. Take your clothes off, Wednesday's for the orgies, Thursday's clean up. Bring a scourer" mspeachyxo
566 "It's heavy on spunk and toots" - Emily deanpcmad_
567 "Yaaaas, my erection is throbbing!" - Emily deanpcmad_
568 "/stuck stepbro" - Timothy_Molinari deanpcmad_
569 "I love kinky rimworld" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad_
570 Dean - " wish I was a fish in your tank KEKW " mspeachyxo
571 Fred - "Really twistin' those tiddies" mspeachyxo
572 Emily - "This is a nightmare, I'm already up his arse" mspeachyxo
573 "They taste just like hot ballbag ginger" - Emily deanpcmad_
574 Emily - "can we get some Fs in chat for our bumholes" mspeachyxo
575 Emily - "IT WAS HUGE, I could barely fit it all in my mouth" mspeachyxo
576 "start. jizzing. immediately." - Emily deanpcmad_
577 Emily: "I'm incompetent". Fred: "Yeah" deanpcmad_
578 Fred - "Why's your bean so longgg" mspeachyxo
579 "I'm banning you because of how boring you are" - Emily deanpcmad_
580 What's TwitchLDN? TheWildLemons: "the one meetup that introverted gamers actually go to. We sit in a dark room at a PC or console the rest of the time" deanpcmad_
581 "IM WANKERED OUT THIS WEEK HAS BEEN ROUGH LUL " -mspeachyxo thewooglie
582 "Oh my GOD. ASS" - Fred deanpcmad_
583 "oh she can step on me" - Emily deanpcmad_
584 Fred - "YEAH Em, finger me" mspeachyxo
585 Emily - "Well I'm pleased about the bum sex" mspeachyxo
586 Fred - "Omg you look hideous." Emily - "yeah so do you." mspeachyxo
587 Emily - "What the fuck are you doing? Noching me off" mspeachyxo
588 Fred - "Whats the point of Gin without alcohol its like sex without an orgasm" mspeachyxo
589 "If the money comes around, I want to be able to offer hole." - Fred thejackalman
590 "I've never been spanked so hard before in all of my life. Totally enjoyed it" - Peachy deanpcmad_
591 J3tstorm - " oshiW i found my toffy woffy " mspeachyxo
592 "Sess you don't hate yourself you're a tart" - Emily j3tstorm
593 Emily - "I'm just focusing on where your balls are" mspeachyxo
594 Fred - "I LITERALLY fisted them" mspeachyxo
595 "I like big ones the best" Emily j3tstorm
596 Emily - "I am going to kick a CUNT" mspeachyxo
597 Emily - "My giblets were touched" mspeachyxo
598 Fred - "ima slap this bitch silly" mspeachyxo
599 "My tshirt tasted the pizza before I did" - Fred deanpcmad_
600 " Where's my bit butthole" oshiSus - Peachy j3tstorm
601 " I FUCKING HATE BALLS" - Peachy j3tstorm
602 Emily - "SHE'S SUCKING" mspeachyxo
603 Fred - "There's a man behind me full of DARKNESS" mspeachyxo
604 Emily - "Witch, witch toilet bitch" mspeachyxo
605 "sounds like someone farting thru a cheese grater" - Deets99 deanpcmad_
606 Fred - "Cleanest arse in the west" mspeachyxo
607 "There better be cock" - Emily deanpcmad_
608 "i played testicle jenga for hours, then i played this game" - dotbmp deanpcmad_
609 "Prepare to be probed *tongue sounds*" - Emily deanpcmad_
610 Emily - "FOLLOW that cock" mspeachyxo
611 "my wife just asked if you were describing me. "its got two holes to stick your fingers in and its not very useful"" - Deets99 thewooglie
612 "You can't start a tiktok live stream with only 1 slipper on" - Emily deanpcmad_
613 "I'm gon get wankers cramp again KEKW " - Peachy deanpcmad_
614 Emily - "OMG it's become erect" mspeachyxo
615 Emily - "What am I putting in here? MY Knob?" mspeachyxo
616 Fred - "If you're gonna have your hands in my guts at least keep them still" mspeachyxo
617 Emily - "WHY'S his arse like THAT" mspeachyxo
618 lubedkitty - "Everything in this game reminds me of her 🥺" mspeachyxo
619 "That is a fully loaded schlong" -Fred mspeachyxo
620 "This game, just give me a VR headset and a fleshlight. I'm good for days" - Fred deanpcmad_
621 "WOOOOOOO vagina!" - Emily deanpcmad_
622 Emily - "That's dick, dick and double dick" mspeachyxo
623 Emily to Fred - "How dare you turn me on" mspeachyxo
624 Emily - "Robin has a big stick, I said what I said" mspeachyxo
625 "I'm not having your dad tattooed on my gooch" - Emily deanpcmad_
626 J3tstorm - "Bat-thrusting your bat-enemies" mspeachyxo
627 Fred to Emily - "I'll heal you with my balls if you heal mine with yours" mspeachyxo
628 Fred - "Emily do you know what the forbidden technique is?" mspeachyxo
629 Fred - "She's a big fan of my balls" mspeachyxo
630 "Emily's coming to fill.... feel my ass" - Fred deanpcmad_
631 Fred to Em - "Stand there and take it" mspeachyxo
632 "I've found a mysterious hole, I have to go in" - Emily deanpcmad_
633 "@simmer095 the inmates aren't allowed to run the asylum" - tdrobbo deanpcmad_
634 "that stache made my plums tingle" - tsigraphics deanpcmad_
635 Emily - "I thought a quick in and out would work" mspeachyxo
636 Fred - "That's a goblin, goblin that dickkk" mspeachyxo
638 "Sorry, I'm just looking at Emily's ta-ta's on Twitter" - Fred deanpcmad_
639 Emily - "Fred loves food!" Fred - "I LOVE ASS" mspeachyxo
640 Fred - "Use two fingers chat, when was the last time someone said that to you?" mspeachyxo
641 "what about the whole fist KEKW " - TheWildLemons deanpcmad_
642 Fred - "I got fast fingers chat" mspeachyxo
643 Emily "I went in the hole!! oshiOW AND I'D DO IT AGAIN" mspeachyxo
644 "I like touching knobs" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad_
645 Emily - "This is where I keep my vagina oshiOW IF I HAD ONE" mspeachyxo
646 "into the hole KAKAW" - Emily deanpcmad_
647 Fred - "Congrats Em, you turned me on" mspeachyxo
648 "I need to improve my finger game" - Emily deanpcmad_
649 "don't throw eggs at houses, use poo" Emily oshiE j3tstorm
650 Sophie - "British heart foundation can suck my hole" mspeachyxo
651 "His eyes are suspiciously wet" - Emily deanpcmad_
652 "i do love pussies :D" - Deets deanpcmad_
653 "I want to put that nose in my mouth" - Fred deanpcmad_
654 "We have some pog-a-log giveaways" - Fred deanpcmad_
655 Fred: "I like the meat up front" deanpcmad_
656 Emily - "These hoes ain't spinning" mspeachyxo
657 J3tstorm - " oshiYell WHATS YOUR SPERM COUNT BETTER BE HIGH! OR IMMA KILL " mspeachyxo
658 Emily - "DEAN you can't be eating ass on stream 24/7 it's a bit excessive" mspeachyxo
659 "We are just stuffing the orifice" - Emily deanpcmad_
660 "i love being stuffed for Christmas too" - limertilly deanpcmad_
661 Meganyy - "get ya tits out" mspeachyxo
662 "Men cant see anything in front of them but can spot a sniper 689000 miles away" - Peachy deanpcmad_
664 "I'm not used to these smells and it smells like something has gone wrong" - Fred deanpcmad_
665 Limertilly - "i want someone who can hold me down while i'm pretending to struggle, not someone who can lift the bed with me in it" mspeachyxo
666 "I've got seeds in every orifice" - Emily deanpcmad_
667 "Look at Fred and see if he needs a bigger head" - Emily deanpcmad_
668 "I was THIS close to being completely naked in front of Yogscast" - Emily deanpcmad_
669 I was just touching it for a while and then I had to put it away. I like to touch things - Emily deets99
670 Mspeachyxo - " SOMEBODY PUT THE JACK IN Kappa " Emily - "FREDS been putting it up his arse again." mspeachyxo
671 Dean - " oshiCreep welcome to my fap cavern " mspeachyxo
672 "This game is for NERDS" - Emily deanpcmad_
673 "big bum and dick musk, it's like being in my bedroom as a kid" - Fred deanpcmad_
674 "Freds a massive slaaaag" - Emily deanpcmad_
675 "fuck it, do me again" - deanpcmad thewooglie
676 "thats the noise i make if u blow me" - Deets deanpcmad_
677 Emily - "Fred are you tea bagging the moose" mspeachyxo
678 "They gonna suck ya!" Emily deanpcmad_
679 Emily - "he's un blowable" mspeachyxo
680 Emily - "They're all just eating and reading porn!" mspeachyxo
681 Fred - "Enough of Emilys BIG bunda" mspeachyxo
682 Emily - "10 grand leave me alone" mspeachyxo
683 "blue would receive the entirety of my dick. every inch. both of them." - Fred deanpcmad_
685 "I kinda want to suck on his eyeballs" - Emily deanpcmad_
686 "UK: Sweaty Gooch of Europe" - Emily deanpcmad_
687 Emily - "Cookies and Cleavage" mspeachyxo
688 Fred - "when you take a seat ON MY FACE!" mspeachyxo
689 @smokingonion - "Iam sexy and naked." mspeachyxo
690 "My little justice todge could not be any harder" - Fred deanpcmad_
691 "If it's convex, I ain't having sex" - Sophie deanpcmad_
692 "Emily is like Aquaman but instead of using brainwaves to communicate with fish she lesbianates people" - SessDMC deanpcmad_
693 "inside, on top, in the oil coating the skin" - C222 deanpcmad_
694 "It just looks more impressive when you make it big" - Emily deanpcmad_
695 Emily - "This woman's pussy is all over my screen and I can't handle it" mspeachyxo
696 "I don't know why my fart was delayed" - Emily deanpcmad_
697 "That chip has got depression" - Emily deanpcmad_
698 DEETS - "shavaunt stop i can only get so erect" mspeachyxo
699 "Shout out to you, you've achieved length" - Emily deanpcmad_
700 Fred - "I'm the greatest prostitute ALIVE" mspeachyxo
701 "if Emily's in a Santa outfit I'm gonna fucking die" - Deets99 deanpcmad_
702 "It tastes like putting your tongue in a passion fruit" - Emily deanpcmad_
703 "fucking bastard stuffing" - Soph deanpcmad_
704 "We are going to get a noise complaint.... they can suck my vulva" - Soph deanpcmad_
705 @meganyy - "people are shaggin and putting their wangs on display over there" mspeachyxo
706 Emily "The last little splooge" mspeachyxo
707 "you can pirate my caribbean FRED " - Deets deanpcmad_
708 "Mummy, what's a cunt?" - Emily thewooglie
710 "Come and witness the noodle" - Fred talking about his OnlyFans deanpcmad_
711 Emily - "UhAahhh ima slaggg" mspeachyxo
712 I like... erm... moon... moon song - Emily deets99
712 DEETS - " PUT YOUR BALLS IN THEIR FACE EMILY ImBallin " mspeachyxo
713 "no one likes a dry testicle" - Deets deanpcmad_
713 EMILY - "Gimme that ass" mspeachyxo
714 Emily - "Fuck! Cock on a cockstick" mspeachyxo
715 "We are used to big chests around here" - Emily deanpcmad_
716 Emily to Fred - "YO, you got fucked by a bird" mspeachyxo
717 "you should never take the butthole." Emily j3tstorm
718 "That was a quickie in the cave" - Peachy deanpcmad_
719 "I love pinochet, he's such a babe!" - Emily as Thatcher deanpcmad_
720 "Shake 'em Em, shake 'em!" - Fred to Emily deanpcmad_
721 "it's like a tampon advert, you can go swimming" - Emily deanpcmad_
722 "Fat Garlic. That's my porn name" - Emily deanpcmad_
723 Fred - "Clock ring!? I got light headed" mspeachyxo
724 "Too many balls on my screen" - Emily deanpcmad_
725 @meganyy - " flange tickled me megsKEKW " mspeachyxo
726 Emily - "It only goes down? I need some side to side action!" mspeachyxo
727 "A little big of garlic ball sack, mmmmm" - Emily deanpcmad_
728 "This song is triggering, I lost my virginity to it" - Sophie deanpcmad_
729 "I got HEAD" - Emily deanpcmad_
730 "All your problems can be solved with a pointed stick" - Emily deanpcmad_
731 Fred to Emily "do you want any meat Em? Full of meat?" mspeachyxo
732 Fred - "I've only got an inch to give them" mspeachyxo
733 "Emily 50k would you show me your butthole? PauseChamp " - Peachy deanpcmad_
734 "I'm gonna fist that ghost" - Emily deanpcmad_
735 Emily - "this is how you want to go in.... NEKED" mspeachyxo
736 Emily - "He hit me so hard my clothes fell off" mspeachyxo
737 Fred - "Teasing the carrot for many years now" mspeachyxo
738 Fred to Emily - "Would you like a helmet?" mspeachyxo
739 "I am such a ho for a pan sauce" - Emily deanpcmad
740 Emily to Fred - "Are we being sucked off?" mspeachyxo
741 Emily - "We are practically up it's arse." mspeachyxo
742 "It's not a cancellation, it's an incarceration" - Emily on Tate deanpcmad
743 Emily - "I'd be sucking on it, that's how long it is." mspeachyxo
744 "FUCK I LOVE ILLICIT TIMBERS" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
745 "let's face it, if i had a dong, i wouldn't be watching you right now, i'd be in my bunk" - limertilly deanpcmad
746 Limertilly - "I am high and horny. AMA" *dying*" mspeachyxo
747 Emily to Fred - "You jizzed in the coffee?" mspeachyxo
748 J3tstorm - "the buff tingly recomended speed bosh coming to you soon from Fremily" mspeachyxo
749 Emily - "Look how many grapes she's given me it's enough for a roman orgy." mspeachyxo
750 "The swinging dick is not the one you want to see, you want to see the pointy dick, ya know?" - Fred deanpcmad
751 Emily - "If that's where you want it, then that's where I'll put it" mspeachyxo
752 "Get hyped for my bao buns" - Emily deanpcmad
753 "You absolute smooth brain baboon!" - Emily deanpcmad
754 "My face would be her chair for hours" - Fred deanpcmad
755 Fred - "I'm wanking for the next hour, don't come in." mspeachyxo
756 "who needs a Valentine this year? let me offer you a free chair" - mscuppykate deanpcmad
757 "Now I have the power of suction?" - Emily deanpcmad
758 "I'm up to my tits in eels" - Emily deanpcmad
759 "Sorry I got horny. For Death" - Emily thewooglie
760 Emily to Fred - "You're ballbags are down here, darlin." mspeachyxo
761 "Look at my juicy toots" - Fred deanpcmad
762 "Time to bonk!" - Emily j3tstorm
763 Emily: "I've stopped pounding". Fred: "Things I've never said heh" deanpcmad
764 Fred - "WE are playing a good game of COC." mspeachyxo
765 Fred - "Hey Chat, have you ever pumped any Elixir?" oshiW mspeachyxo
766 "Hard and fast. It's how I do streams. It's how I make love." - Fred deanpcmad
767 Emily - "Everybody always want sausage, I got nothing to give." mspeachyxo
768 "Oh no, I've awoken WoodenCode, he's about to post something creepy in chat" - Emily deanpcmad
769 "I'm becoming whelmed, over and under." - Emily (playing Valheim) j3tstorm
770 Emily during clips - "GET THE SPERM OF MY FACE" mspeachyxo
771 "It's me, snackily!" - Emily deanpcmad
772 "Do not be noodling at me at the end of the song" - Emily deanpcmad
773 "Nationalism is for fannies" - Fred deanpcmad
774 "It feels like it was made with yarn from old evian bottles" - Emily deanpcmad
775 "I wanna hear more about ya flaps, love." - Emily deanpcmad
776 J3tstorm - " Dean is the Sean Bean of the stream Kappa " mspeachyxo
777 "Sometimes snitches get ice cream pitches" - Emily deanpcmad
778 "When I first got here I would pause the stream on another device on Flo so I didn't have to redeem show me the cat pepeLaugh " - mspeachyxo thewooglie
779 "I always whack it out at the most unexpected moments after we haven't seen it for a while oshiE " - TheWildLemons deanpcmad
780 "Hello melons!" - Fred talking to TheWildLemons deanpcmad
781 "Oh no, Fred's a foot sniffer" - Emily deanpcmad
782 "We love a good probing" - Emily talking about Aliens deanpcmad
783 "WHAT THE FUCK, NO" - Emily to Fred looking at houses on Rightmove deanpcmad
784 "Everything is cheaper than babestation" - Peachy deanpcmad
785 "Did you see that shot? I'm a gamer. Don't doubt me" - Emily deanpcmad
786 "such sexy. many wow" - limertilly deanpcmad
787 "Thats's 1 dollar for the fuck bot!" - Emily j3tstorm
788 Fred: "When I lost my flower..." Emily: "VILE" deanpcmad
789 DEAN - " solid block of impenetrable fluff oshiNotes " mspeachyxo
790 "You've potted yourself" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
791 "Babies are just blobs with eyes that cry" - Fred deanpcmad
792 "Im just getting sucked the entire time" - Fred j3tstorm
793 "Chat, I sat on my balls earlier. it really hurt oshiT " - Fred deanpcmad
794 "Can I enter the hole? OH NO, the hole is scary" - Emily deanpcmad
795 "I got floppy gems" - Emily deanpcmad
796 "The sphincter is glowing" - Emily deanpcmad
797 "Lovely balls in this game" - Fred deanpcmad
798 "I just got turned on by a cupboard" - Fred deanpcmad
799 "I just threw up in my mouth with that username" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
800 Fred - "Talk dirty to me! GODDAMMIT" mspeachyxo
801 "We have weaponized jizz" - Fred deanpcmad
802 "There's three holes. Don't. Say. Anything." - Emily j3tstorm
803 "wooooo, tiddies" - Emily deanpcmad
804 "These robots just keep getting sexier" - Fred deanpcmad
805 "I would make out with a nan for a hog roast pork pie" - Emily deanpcmad
806 "Soph is the harbinger of horny fridges" limertilly j3tstorm
807 "we sucked him dry" - Both Fred & Emily deanpcmad
808 "Scarface you are fucking banned" - Fred deanpcmad
809 "He'll be live on Kick in a week..." - Emily deanpcmad
810 " Sadge sophie didn't enter the room, she's the harbinger of horny fridges " - Swyll j3tstorm
811 "I do want to give everything round here the suck" - Fred deanpcmad
812 "You sploodged incorrectly sir. You embarrassed yourself" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
813 "Who's telling me to die? Fuck off, I'm not dieing!" - Fred deanpcmad
814 "turns out they just want a suckin but not a woman" YesYes - TheWildLemons j3tstorm
815 "penis and corned beef. that's my grindr name" - karlcoleman88 deanpcmad
816 "I'm a fluffer, whatever I am" - Fred j3tstorm
817 "They explode all over you... I don't like the way I said that" - Emily deanpcmad
818 "THERES A LOT OF CUM" - mscuppykate deanpcmad
819 "I LOVE deathsquitos" - Emily deanpcmad
820 "What are those jiggly things?" - Fred deanpcmad
821 Emily - "Dean is nothing but fast!" mspeachyxo
822 "You're a Scooby Doo background, dude" - Fred to a troll deanpcmad
823 "You're actually doing a tutorial for a change? SHOCKING" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
824 "I'm getting better"... 2 seconds later, oshiRip - Fred deanpcmad
825 "I'm alive! I'm alive! I'm alive! I'm dead! Sadge " - Emily deanpcmad
826 "He's to horny!! he wants it to much!" - Emily j3tstorm
827 Fred: "Put one in your slot". Emily: "PARDON?" deanpcmad
828 "There is nothing classier than banging in a room with sliding doors" - Emily deanpcmad
829 "i will still bang fred in a pool" - NOELonPC deanpcmad
830 @karlcoleman88 - "Holy beans my boobs hurt" mspeachyxo
831 "Dodge it you slag!" - Emily deanpcmad
832 "Do you want to see my big thing?" - Fred deanpcmad
833 Emily: "just a load of trash". Fred: "What did you just call me?" Emily: "I said what I said" deanpcmad
834 Dean -"Have you tried unzipping it?" mspeachyxo
835 "I'm good at spraying" - Fred deanpcmad
836 "I have a ladies voice, Am I sexy?" - Fred deanpcmad
837 "Is that snow... or is that cum?" - Fred deanpcmad
838 "Panicked. Died. Cried." - Emily deanpcmad
839 "As always, no head Sadge " - Fred deanpcmad
840 Emily: "I'm trying to find more ancient wood" Fred: "Well it's my birthday at the end of the month, you'll find it right here" deanpcmad
841 "He got to pop me out like a boil in the bag" - Emily deanpcmad
842 Bruce Straw on Tiktok - "If you aren't prepared to eat her taco for half an hour you don't deserve to go" mspeachyxo
843 "does the helicopter" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
844 "Give me your gland" - Fred deanpcmad
845 "this is like that time i peeled a potato with a spoon" - XL__ deanpcmad
846 "She's really done a number on our little hole" - Fred deanpcmad
847 "That is a bang session I would watch. Me and me?" - Emily in an old clip deanpcmad
848 "Punch him in the bolls" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
849 "EVERYTHING is better with a heavy sprinkling of sex" - Emily deanpcmad
850 "When she says go deeper but you're all out of penis... sorry, wood" - Fred deanpcmad
851 "I'm picking his ass" - Emily j3tstorm
852 "I'm being penalised for having a juicy ass" - Emily deanpcmad
853 "If we can't pierce his nips, it's not real game customisation" - Emily deanpcmad
854 " EMILY I NEED TO SEE YOUR PANTS" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
855 EMILY - "I want a sword up the arse y'know" mspeachyxo
856 "Dick pics are DEAD ... long live the SCROTAGRAPH" - ScottyDoggy1969 deanpcmad
857 "subscribe to barnsley if you want to see proof of the boyancy" - dotbmp deanpcmad
858 "Garlic bread: an Italian yeast infection" - Emily deanpcmad
859 "Feels good to wear the ol' pointy golden once again, it is as if Bilbo would have gotten to wear the ring that Frodo "misplaced", just one last time BibleThump " - ST0NZE deanpcmad
860 "look, we've all learned that anything can be a dildo if you're brave enough" - limertilly deanpcmad
861 "Slobby, Nobby, Jobby" mspeachyxo
862 Fred - "C'mon sit on me" mspeachyxo
863 "Watch out HES GOT A FLATCAP!" - J3tstorm deanpcmad
864 "There's sploodge emojis. You know it's good when there's sploodge" - Emily deanpcmad
865 Scarface - "@mspeachyxo yes I know I'm a filthy cheating whore who watches others" mspeachyxo
866 "You ready to see my snake?" - Fred to Emily deanpcmad
867 "Now his balls are exploding all over me" - Emily j3tstorm
868 "i'm gonna kick her in the minge so hard she'll be going down on herself when i see her again." - Deets99 deanpcmad
869 "It looks wet. I'm not sure if I like that" - Fred deanpcmad
870 Fred: "I hope none of you are arachnophobic". Emily: "Well I'm not arachnophobic but I wish for death" deanpcmad
871 Sophie: "Gloryhole?". Emily: "Sophie's going to a gloryhole, apparently" deanpcmad
872 "I'm playing innocent angel today pepeLaugh " - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
873 "We need more head" - Emily deanpcmad
874 "HELP MY ASS IS SORE shitting out all these games KEKW " - TheWildLemons deanpcmad
875 "the way he's saying "that was dirty" was *exactly* how i like to hear it said, too" - limertilly deanpcmad
876 Fred - "Uh she's dead on the ground, thinks she needs some dick." mspeachyxo
877 "Dicking down dead grandma. Has to be a funeral tradition somewhere." - smokingonion j3tstorm
878 "We change the name to Pemily. The P stands for paid promotion" - Emily deanpcmad
879 Fred - "That was the most nourishing head!" mspeachyxo
880 "Wash your balls! don't forget to wash your balls" - Fred j3tstorm
881 "i was trying to get off so many times" -Peachy j3tstorm
882 Fred - "I got eaten! I'm literally a subway sandwich" mspeachyxo
883 Fred: "Do you think I went up a hardness?" deanpcmad
884 "We're not passing around Limertilly like a bag of bar snacks". - Emily j3tstorm
885 "We're not bodyshaming people for being bellends" - Emily deanpcmad
886 "I hope I look that good when I'm dangling" - Emily deanpcmad
887 "I finished my pasta and I'm heartbroken" - Emily deanpcmad
888 "Fucking hit puberty and move on with your lives" - Emily in an old clip deanpcmad
889 "Emily hasn't pegged me in a very long time" - Fred deanpcmad
890 "I'll tug on anything you want, luv" - Emily thewooglie
891 "StreamElements is just 6 bugs in a trenchcoat" - Emily deanpcmad
892 @morgan2333 - "I wanna see you saddle and ride the lox" mspeachyxo
893 "I am sending ya'll the fucking hospital bill for the coronary arrest I just had from those bunny ears." - Deets99 deanpcmad
894 "I just see Emily's tweet and oh my life! SOMEONE call me a dentist because I now need a filling SORRY NOT SORRY" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
895 "rub my balls, wut" - Fred deanpcmad
896 "Do you ever start rubbing your eyes and it feels really good but then you can't stop, is it an eye masturbation? Asking for a fwend PauseChamp " - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
897 Emily - " oshiOW DENNIS! Ima club you to death" mspeachyxo
898 "Oh my god, I'm splooging" - Emily deanpcmad
899 "I might be your favourte streamer but I'm the most illiterate one" - Emily deanpcmad
900 Emily - "NO! DUDE! your FLAPS" mspeachyxo
901 "SANTA FUCK OFF ITS APRIL" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
902 "That 1 second was really long" - Emily deanpcmad
903 "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
904 "brings ME joy, the vibrator is up MY ass" - Emily deanpcmad
905 "Boobs of Mass Destruction" - SpaceVelociraptor thewooglie
906 " 🎶 no buttholes in main 🎶 " - Emily deanpcmad
907 Emily - "Fred did you have a bath? You look MOIST" mspeachyxo
908 "It's my pussy" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
909 "ACAS. All Cops Are Smelly" - Fred deanpcmad
910 "I just deep throated 2 bananas oshiW " - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
911 "I don't care what anyone says if you don't like this song we can't be fwends that's just how it is" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
912 "Maybe we're having a simultaneous couple's stroke. How romantic." - Emily deanpcmad
913 "Phil Enmahole is my grindr name" - karlcoleman88 deanpcmad
914 "i was surprisngly old when i learned Albert Einstein was real. i had always heard he was only a theoretical physicist" - limertilly deanpcmad
915 "It tastes like a freshly unboxed shoe" - Emily deanpcmad
916 "Now we find out how good Em is at manipulating balls" - limertilly j3tstorm
917 "That could've been on the content docket but we are all having our pubes trimmed for the wedding" - Emily deanpcmad
918 Emily - "I don't know if you'll hear it chat but this is me oral exciting you" mspeachyxo
919 "fred leave the bass boost on for 5 mins while i err, sit on my bass bin. ty" - Deets99 deanpcmad
920 Emily: "If I was into feet, I wouldn't have married Fred". Fred: "WHAT" deanpcmad
921 "Couple who powerwash together splooge together" - Emily deanpcmad
922 Fred - "So is it good chat? Worth soaking over?" mspeachyxo
923 Emily - "I'm gonna be on all fours fully in zone" mspeachyxo
924 Dean - "Nice butthole oshiE " mspeachyxo
925 "I'm gonna watch a good fuckin' hentai after this" - Fred deanpcmad
926 "OH, IT'S DOUBLE ENDED" - Emily deanpcmad
927 "Oh my god it's moist" - Emily deanpcmad
928 "it's dyslexia and dildo talk up in this place" - BluesExpl0sion deanpcmad
929 Emily: "She can pound the floor??" Fred: "She can pound this DICK" deanpcmad
930 "I may have numbed my mouth oshiW " - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
931 Emily - "I'm dry as fuck" mspeachyxo
932 j3tstorm - "MONKE dick tipped ya!" mspeachyxo
933 Emily - "What I have here chat is BOL I will be consuming it" mspeachyxo
934 "The sweet potato fries dipped into blue cheese tastes like Satan's fuckin cum" - Fred deanpcmad
935 Dean - "Nice butthole btw Deets" mspeachyxo
936 "stop... I can only get so erect" - karlcoleman88 deanpcmad
937 Emily - "I can't stop getting poked!" mspeachyxo
938 thewildlemons - "suck and blow chat, suck and blow oshiNotes YesYes " mspeachyxo
939 Fred - "What do you pay me for my bolls?" mspeachyxo
940 "I know my cheeks are juicy but COME ON" - Emily deanpcmad
941 "someone call deets a dentist because she needs a filling oshiE " - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
942 Fred to Emily - "This is alcoholic Jizz" mspeachyxo
943 "I'm getting my ass eaten" - Emily deanpcmad
944 " Kreygasm My butthole looks so fresh" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
945 @sessdmc - "Holy shit y'all still going LETS PUT A DONK ON IT" mspeachyxo
946 "everybody's gotta excrete something from somewhere" - Emily j3tstorm
947 @deanpcmad - "Time for a celebratory cup of alcoholic jizz oshiCup oshiW " mspeachyxo
948 Emily - "THIS is the shttiest shit to ever shit" mspeachyxo
949 "Do you guys fancy Fred's big balls for dinner?" - Fred deanpcmad
950 "Emily is the master of the crevasse" - Fred deanpcmad
951 "DEETS LAY ON THE BAR FOR ME oshiW " - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
952 : "Gwyneth Paltrow is queefing jade eggs every day!" - Emily j3tstorm
953 "I am very confused but my arms look amazing" - Fred deanpcmad
954 Fred - "My arse is opened right now" mspeachyxo
955 "Do not fap to Hitler" - Fred deanpcmad
956 @tophernicus_ - "Don't fret get wet with subs" mspeachyxo
957 "Don't tequila and Bingo though oshiT " - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
958 @thewildlemons - "chat if your knob smells like cheese you might wanna visit a doctor YesYes " mspeachyxo
959 Emily - "We need to do a poll, Would you ride Fred's ride?" mspeachyxo
960 "I'm a bit of a ho for.... NOPE not finishing that sentence" - Emily deanpcmad
961 "If you want 37 seconds of pleasure, you should always come to see me oshiW " - Fred deanpcmad
962 "You are futile, you BITCH" - Sophie talking to Vader deanpcmad
963 "everyone is just clomping my asshole and I hate it" - Emily deanpcmad
964 "This is like anti-vaxxers vs doctors" - Emily deanpcmad
965 "Can we change it so it's coming out of my cleavage?" - Emily deanpcmad
966 Emily - "Fred's twizzling knobs!" mspeachyxo
967 "pants fly off" - Deets99 deanpcmad
968 "We're not clicking on links anymo.... holy shit" - Emily deanpcmad
969 "That was like having a bikini waxxed on the ears" - Emily deanpcmad
970 " oshiOW STOP FUCKING EATING ME" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
971 "Peachy are you fingering me?" - Fred thewooglie
973 Deets - "I'll show peachy a finger heart oshiCreep " mspeachyxo
973 "Once again chat I have found my self knee deep in the wrong crevice" - Emily j3tstorm
974 Emily - "Who put all these bugs in here and WHY do they have little boobies?" mspeachyxo
975 Fred - "Anyone fancy a shag?" mspeachyxo
976 Meganyy - "I'M NAKED" mspeachyxo
977 Fred - "Don't worry Peachy.. everyone is a slag here" mspeachyxo
978 "If Bloodborne is coming to PC, I am coming" - Emily deanpcmad
979 "If it wasn't for the red streak tattoo/hair/muscles/weapons/clothing/aggressive tone/period of time/skin flap/ I wouldn't know the difference between Kratos and Fred." - Funcrew deanpcmad
980 "Don't look at my skin flap, chat. The jiggly flap" - Fred deanpcmad
981 "I love to jiggle" - Emily deanpcmad
982 "This is the first time I've played a game AFTER the apology tweet" - Emily deanpcmad
983 "This is the best tasting thing I've ever put in my mouth" - Fred deanpcmad
984 "Tilly I need to drown can I borrow you?" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
985 "Super Sexy Nazgûl" - Emily thewooglie
986 bluesexpl0sion - "I’ll jam your doughnut oshiOW " mspeachyxo
987 "I'd take Nigella's clam any day" - Emily deanpcmad
988 Emily - "Fred I don't want to over excite you but that guy doesn't have a helmet" mspeachyxo
989 " EMILY IS EDGING" - mspeachyxo j3tstorm
990 "Here's a spoiler it's fucking shite" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
991 "ah, found what you have to do in this part. you have to turn off the game, and play something that actually works" - afan21 deanpcmad
992 "I love me a flasher" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
993 "He's got a B-Tech in sweet sweet kills" - Emily talking about a guy in the game called "B-Tec" deanpcmad
994 Dean - "I hate it when my stick runs out of charge" mspeachyxo
995 "honestly i would sit on that face" - Deets99 deanpcmad
996 "I would. I mean she would destroy me but still... oshiSip " - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
997 "look all i'm saying is if she crushes my head like a watermelon i'd be okay with that" - Deets99 deanpcmad
998 "Emily is going around asking do you like a little head? cause I got a little head" - Fred deanpcmad

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