Chat Quotes

These are a list of quotes that can be used in chat

Number Quote Quoted By
1 That is not the advertised size deanpcmad
2 I'm not sure if the thing is long enough deanpcmad
3 We have 30 minutes now until we have to stop screwing and we have 1 job to do that involves screwing deanpcmad
4 "Put me in that basement" - Em bt26
5 "You've got coriander? What are we going to do, rub it on ourselves?" - Em deanpcmad
6 "Fred, you fucking cunt!" - Emily deanpcmad
7 No hair, no bang - Emily deanpcmad
8 "im scared of slapping my titty." - Emily deanpcmad
9 "Don't you dare host when I say 'where are the nipples'" - Emily deanpcmad
10 "I like balls" - Em deanpcmad
11 "Oh my god, I want to put my tongue in it" - Em bt26
12 electroswing is the musical equivalent of a neckbeard wearing a Zelda shirt but thinking he's dressed up cause he has a vest and fedora - SpaceVelociraptor deanpcmad
13 "I don't mind the chode" - Fred bt26
14 "Two minutes is too long" - Em bt26
15 "You can actually. Actually. Shove it up your arse" - Em deanpcmad
16 "That was quick and fucking intense" - Fred bt26
17 "We are rich in balls" - Fred bt26
18 "Stop blowing Flo" - TheWooglie bt26
19 "I can't see because there's too much bush in the way" - Emily deanpcmad
20 "God, I died legs splayed" - Emily j3tstorm
21 "Florence is a wanker" - Fred deanpcmad
22 "I'm worried a wedding party is currently eating all of my hummus" - Sophie deanpcmad
23 "Jolly you fat headed idiot!" - Emily deanpcmad
24 "What is this throbbing thing?" - Emily deanpcmad
25 "If you lose with this gun, it's just because you're bad" - Em to Fred deanpcmad
26 "People who watch TV bring me confusion. It's just adverts" - Em deanpcmad
27 "this is my rescue I named him Logan because when I found him he was half ded I figured he would die like Logan pauls career or he would come back like Wolverine " - hankweathers deanpcmad
28 "if you have zero viewers, it means you're being a bellend" - tdrobbo deanpcmad
29 "AMD are the tits" - Fred deanpcmad
30 "Custard can go fuck itself" - Em deanpcmad
31 "You RPG fucking wang bucket" - Em deanpcmad
32 "Tier 3 subs get added to my Obituary" - Em deanpcmad
33 "This stream is slowly becoming 'Emily licks things'" - Emily deanpcmad
34 "Pull a Biden? What, forget my own name?" - Emily deanpcmad
35 """Semin in the box" never gets old." -Freddy, 9th of October 2010 c222
36 "Bollocks, I love bollocks." - Em bt26
37 "Not to overreact but CUNT" - Emily deanpcmad
38 "Stop tagging me in NVidia shit, I don't careeeee" - Emily deanpcmad
39 "Oh, I am aroused by myself!" - Emily deanpcmad
40 "go get yourself a wet shower" - Fred deanpcmad
41 "Oh what do you want, bowl cut?" - Emily deanpcmad
42 "I'm dyslexic, you bastard!" - Em deanpcmad
43 "You have to follow first you spoon!" - Emily deanpcmad
44 "How did I get none of that tail action?" - Emily deanpcmad
45 "I'm getting my arse eaten.... WOAH, that's not what I meant" - Emily deanpcmad
46 "I'm ready to kill some fish" - Emily every time she plays Minecraft deanpcmad
47 "That's a nice looking knob.... wait...." - Emily deanpcmad
48 "If feels big but it's actually small" - Emily deanpcmad
49 "we literally changed that in the first week bc you yelled at me... FOR YOU YOU BELL ENDS" - tdrobbo deanpcmad
50 "You escaped chungus from the zoo of wide butts" - Emily deanpcmad
51 "I jumped so hard, I just dislocated a tit" - Emily deanpcmad
52 "we've laughed, we've cried, we've realised it's shit" - Emily about CoD Cold War deanpcmad
53 "Fuck you Nevada, and your slow ass bitchness" - Emily deanpcmad
54 "Shit, cock, fuck, bollocks" - Emily deanpcmad
55 "Suck 'em if you've got 'em, Em" - Fred deanpcmad
56 "I'm sucking this big boy" - Fred deanpcmad
57 "The spices got me up... wait" - Fred deanpcmad
58 "Those are the actions of a lunatic. A man who wishes for death" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
59 "Nothing worse than getting banged in the arsehole by zombies and having someone tell you about it" - Emily deanpcmad
60 "You need to stop doing that, you need to do things that aren't that." - Emily deets99
61 Farts are great, they're great for clearing rooms too! - Emily CoD Zombies deets99
62 "I want to try the balls because I think it'll be fun" - Emily deanpcmad
63 "It's a really ugly knob, but it tastes good" - Emily deanpcmad
64 "*sneeze* - I'm allergic to flat asses" - Emily deanpcmad
65 "I love destroying cunts" - Fred deanpcmad
66 "I wish this thing was a little bit bigger..." - Fred deanpcmad
67 "Can this just stop playing songs and enter me" - Emily deanpcmad
68 "a hole is a hole" - Emily deanpcmad
69 "The troll gave me some head..." - Fred deanpcmad
70 "It looks a bit weird, but it's up" - Fred - deanpcmad
71 Fred: "Emily and Sophie suffer with the Big D"... Emily: "Unlike Fred oshiEvil LUL " - deanpcmad
72 "I didn't know it was going to suck us off" - Fred & Emily deanpcmad
73 "apparently halfman/halfleopards are HUNG, my friends" - limertilly deanpcmad
74 "don't suck me, don't suck me, don't suck me" - Fred fighting a Kraken in SoT deanpcmad
75 "I thought it tasted like arse, which is totally fine." - Emily deanpcmad
76 "Well, guess I'll just die" - Emily deanpcmad
77 Emily: "I want to lick something". Fred: "big testicle?" deanpcmad
78 "Fred you little PogChamp Bastard" - Emily deanpcmad
79 "We mounted them! Dominance! Dominance!" - Emily deanpcmad
80 "I said pull it, not tickle it" - Emily deanpcmad
81 "I've been cooking that meat for this exact moment" - Emily deanpcmad
82 "The little spicy bitches" - Sophie after eating a Birds Eye chilli at LDN deanpcmad
83 "Thank you and thanks" - Fred deanpcmad
84 "I'm up to my nipples in moisture" - Emily deanpcmad
85 "I have a passion for Sausage, Em" - Fred deanpcmad
86 "What you were doing with that tentacle was insane" - Emily deanpcmad
87 "Oh, what a bush!" - Emily deanpcmad
88 Em "Fred if you could get out of my arsehole, that would be delightful" mspeachyxo
89 "Can I come over and help you pull out" - Em mspeachyxo
90 "We want D" - Fred deanpcmad
91 "Yo, I'm obsessed with this guy's ding dong" - Emily thejackalman
92 Em - "Ah we shagged him" mspeachyxo
93 "Fred, your penis is in the way" - Emily deanpcmad
94 "Who is shooting at me while I'm trying to remember breakfast" - Emily deanpcmad
95 Em "I was gonna tea bag" mspeachyxo
96 Em "the D is coming, who's gonna take it?" mspeachyxo
97 "You bought a bottle of water? You know we have a tap?" Emily to Sophie deanpcmad
98 "Oh, you've got wood" - Emily deanpcmad
99 "Oh lord, I'm getting sucked" - Fred deanpcmad
100 "Can't deny a bit of willie" - Emily deanpcmad
101 "Do you guys want to see my pee jug?" - Fred deanpcmad
102 "oh my god yours are tiny!" - Emily to Fred. Kappa deanpcmad
103 "Servers still up, suck my balls" - Emily deanpcmad
104 "Put it in, it's jiggling" - Emily deanpcmad
105 Emily "Suck on ma dick, suck on ma dick" mspeachyxo
106 "If I start a band, I'm going to call it 'Satan's Barbed Foreskin'" - Emily deanpcmad
107 Emily "suck ma willayyyyy" mspeachyxo
108 Fred: "This game reminds me of DayZ". Emily: "Don't say that" deanpcmad
109 "What's a Fred lasagna?" "It's my special sex move" deanpcmad
110 Fred "level 37 ima put ma dick in the hole" mspeachyxo
111 "No lemons, only death" - Emily deanpcmad
112 Fred "ima get a cock slap, don't act like you don't know what I mean" mspeachyxo
113 "That was probably my last hit on the testical in this game and I missed it" - Emily deanpcmad
114 J3tstorm "it's over Sadge a whole month with no tingly" mspeachyxo
115 "Is it up?" - Emily deanpcmad
116 "That guy's got 2 arms!" - Fred deanpcmad
117 "I do love to swing" - Emily deanpcmad
118 Em "Well someone put their dick in the bird" mspeachyxo
119 "Can you even be spiritual when you're shitting everywhere?" - Emily deanpcmad
120 "Shred that muff" - Emily deanpcmad
121 Em "My arse is still in the fire, don't tell anyone" mspeachyxo
122 Em "I want a pet to live in my box" mspeachyxo
123 "I'm going to rename myself. I'm the Stream Proctologist" - Fred deanpcmad
124 Em "I'm standing here and things are throbbing" mspeachyxo
125 Em - "Fred doesn't care about my bolls". Fred - "yes I do put them in my mouth" mspeachyxo
126 "Mobile? I'm gonna go piss" - Fred deanpcmad
127 "This is just another Tom Wick game... the lesser known brother of John Wick LUL " - Emily deanpcmad
128 "Allow me to suck from the precious bag of life" - Emily deanpcmad
129 "You gotta have length" - Fred deanpcmad
130 "It's dripping and moist... and I've got my mouth all around it" - Fred eating a brownie deanpcmad
131 Emily "Mmhmm, I kinda do want the frosty fist" mspeachyxo
132 "Scarface is absolutely useless" - Fred deanpcmad
133 "Behold, my floppy orange" - Emily deanpcmad
134 "Noooo, the sploodge" - Emily deanpcmad
135 Fred "Seagulls can go fucka themselves mspeachyxo
136 Fred " oshiCreep I'd travel for a bang" mspeachyxo
137 "That's how I want my meat. Old fashioned" - Fred deanpcmad
139 "I'm not going touch a single one of those balls" - Fred deanpcmad
140 "oh my god, I still smell" - Emily deanpcmad
141 "He makes great music but he looks like a foot" - Emily deanpcmad
142 "Come back, I need your skin!" - Emily deanpcmad
143 Em - " oshiT OMG, its going in" mspeachyxo
143 Em - "sorry I was just trying to hype you up as a bit of a shagger" mspeachyxo
144 Emily - "I WANT THE ROD" mspeachyxo
145 "My nut sense is wild now" - Emily deanpcmad
146 Emily "He turned up, shoved his dick in my face and fooked off" mspeachyxo
147 Emily - SuckAFuck mspeachyxo
148 Emily - "He's coming all the time, he's on my arse" mspeachyxo
149 Emily - "I'm like between his legs, I'm not enjoying it" mspeachyxo
150 "I love tentacles" - Fred deanpcmad
151 "gaggles of knoblegs everywhere" - Fred deanpcmad
152 "Oh lawd, he suckin'" - Emily deanpcmad
153 "All this talk of you hoeing has got me a blaze" - Emily deanpcmad
154 Fred - (Clotted cream) that..... has.... aroused me chat oshiCreep mspeachyxo
155 Fred - "The penis is jizzing on me, Em" mspeachyxo
156 Emily - "Woman! Engage your legs" mspeachyxo
157 Emily - "I shan't be thrusted in the foot" mspeachyxo
158 Emily - "What the heck, I just climbed the pole" mspeachyxo
159 "I feel like a guy having a pee" - Emily deanpcmad
160 Fred - "Attack Helicopter came on my face" mspeachyxo
161 Emily - "I'm holding it and nothing is happening" mspeachyxo
162 Emily - "I'm experiencing some weird jiggery pokery" mspeachyxo
163 "He has balls the size of coconuts, he clacks as he walks" - Emily deanpcmad
164 Emily - "Boris the bitch, Yeah I said it" oshiSip mspeachyxo
165 "You fucking arsehole! Where do you live, I'm going to come over there and slap your mum" - Emily deanpcmad
166 Emily - "Peachy put down your bits" mspeachyxo
167 "Give them to me, I'll put them in my slot" - Fred deanpcmad
168 "We need to give Ben some arsehole training" - Fred deanpcmad
169 Emily - "Ooo my arse.... fondled" mspeachyxo
170 Fred to Emily - "You ready to penetrate the hole?" mspeachyxo
171 Emily - "Fred stop tea bagging" mspeachyxo
172 Emily - "You sucka my juice out" mspeachyxo
173 "But do you have ✨ the touch ✨ " - Fred deanpcmad
174 Emily to Fred - "Did he SHOOT me? he BLEW my bits off" mspeachyxo
175 Fred - "I forgot why I needed head" mspeachyxo
176 "I've just got a sad frog looking at me" - Fred deanpcmad
177 EMILY "I've been getting head.... ALOT" mspeachyxo
178 "Put it in your pocket pussy" - Fred deanpcmad
179 "it's not funny to hurl yourself off a cliff you didn't see" - Emily deanpcmad
180 Emily - "That doesn't look like a hand that went in a hole" mspeachyxo
181 "They've got good bush cover" - Fred deanpcmad
182 Emily - "I did it" ... "I shouldn't have done that" mspeachyxo
183 Emily - "I got tired of waiting, I needed some dickkk" mspeachyxo
184 Fred - " oshiN BUSTIN MAKES ME FEEL GOOD" mspeachyxo
185 "We all roll the dice of death" - Emily deanpcmad
186 "What the fuck, P_NESS!" - Emily deanpcmad
187 Emily - "He's such a background bitch, why did i save him?" deets99
188 "the community has driven me to drink" - Emily deanpcmad
189 "I think I dislocated a tit" - Emily deanpcmad
190 "If that flew at me, I'd shit and die" - Emily deanpcmad
191 "Glad I'm not pregnant or I'd have given birth" - Emily after getting scared by scary bit sounds deanpcmad
192 "What the fuck... I just dislocated my face" - Emily deanpcmad
193 "I really don't want to put it in my mouth" - Emily deanpcmad
194 "Thank god that wasn't my ass crease" - Emily deanpcmad
195 "I'd live in Camden. I'm a right twat" - Fred deanpcmad
196 "I would unhinge my jaw and *aahhhhh* consume" - Emily deanpcmad
197 "Can you get me some water, I can't go in dry" - Emily deanpcmad
198 Philbert - "My nipples explode with delight!" mspeachyxo
199 "What about a big, thick Sharpie between the cheeks?" -Emily deanpcmad
200 "Where is everybody? AHHHH" - Emily deanpcmad
201 Emily - "Consider me warmed up and ready for action" mspeachyxo
202 "The only creamy boi I like is ice cream" - Emily deanpcmad
203 "Dude, the RECOIL. I've never pulled down so much in my life. I lost desk" - Emily deanpcmad
204 Em -"No my boo'lets, suck it" mspeachyxo
205 Em - "WHY am I out here dry and butterless" mspeachyxo
206 Em - oshiPissed "You crotch shotting, shit lord" mspeachyxo
207 "Mandatory butt chugs" - Emily deanpcmad
208 "Nothing but head" - Emily deanpcmad
209 "Oh for fucks fucking fuck" - Emily deanpcmad
210 Emily - "We finally get in a vehicle together, strangle me" mspeachyxo
211 Emily - "My brain sucks, spread the word" mspeachyxo
212 "Have you dislocated your brain" - Emily to an idiot in chat deanpcmad
213 Fred to Emily - "Oh I fluffed your banana before the stream by the way" mspeachyxo
214 "Can I give you feedback? I'd rather you fist yourself" - Emily deanpcmad
215 Emily - "Can you believe Fred is asking about my banana at a time like this?" mspeachyxo
216 Emily - "am I not in yet? chop chop" mspeachyxo
217 I prefer it when they're long and skinny - Emily deets99
218 "If I could read, I would be unstoppable" - Emily deanpcmad
219 Emily - " pepeD put it on my face, put it on my face pepeD " mspeachyxo
221 "You're going to call be a toff but this tinsel cost be £8" - Sophie deanpcmad
222 "This is a PG13 stream, how fucking dare you!" - Sophie deanpcmad
223 "dick, balls, bugger, arse crack AND cheeks" - Emily deanpcmad
224 "There's a 40% chance the stream will end" - Emily deanpcmad
225 "You have the eyes of an eagle and the face of a parrot" - Emily deanpcmad
226 Emily - " oshiEvil Gotcha bitch " mspeachyxo
227 Emily - "Well fuck me, what part of this is supposed to be pleasurable?" mspeachyxo
228 "Scotty, you're old enough to remember the brontosaurus', right?" - Emily deanpcmad
229 "Do we want to shove it in and call it a day?" - Emily deanpcmad
230 "It's hard to describe the taste. I'll describe the taste as 'good'" - Fred deanpcmad
231 "Ah fuck, Scarface you arsehole" - Emily deanpcmad
232 Dean - "Peachy's new butthole looks so good" mspeachyxo
233 "You're an old meme, get out of my channel!" - Emily to Sophie deanpcmad
234 Emily - "Gotta go around it, it's throbbing" mspeachyxo
235 Emily sees a tree "Love a bit of trunk" mspeachyxo
236 "I'LL TAKE THE D" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
237 "It does not matter how many candle you light" - Fred deanpcmad
238 Emily - "Shove. It. Up. Your. Arse." mspeachyxo
239 Emily - "In the tits ON the tits and all around" mspeachyxo
240 Fred about Emily - "We're not talking about the fact that Emily did it by bending over" mspeachyxo
241 "This big rod is making lots of noise" - Fred deanpcmad
242 "My left testical for a shield" - Fred deanpcmad
243 "It tastes like sock" - Emily deanpcmad
244 "SANTA WANTS THE SEX" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
245 "Come on, I'd date me like this" - Emily deanpcmad
246 "Oh my god, it's sticky" - Emily deanpcmad
247 "Balls and madness" - Emily deanpcmad
248 Emily - "Fred will do anything for about a tenner" mspeachyxo
249 "This guy is sucking all the juice outta me" - Emily deanpcmad
250 Emily - "GoXLR Can go suck my dick" mspeachyxo
251 "You international spoon of the decade" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
252 "It says it tastes of raspberry but it tastes like dong" - Emily deanpcmad
253 "Teach me how to breed? That's not a button I want to press" - Emily deanpcmad
254 "Growth is unlimited" - Fred deanpcmad
255 Emily - "Chat say hi to willay" mspeachyxo
256 Fred - "Chat what would your reaction be if I offered you my pole?" mspeachyxo
257 Emily - "Chat if you don't have space in your inventory when willy offers you the pole........." mspeachyxo
258 "Oh it went straight up! That's not how it usually does" - Emily deanpcmad
259 "I did push that button as soon as you put it in" - Fred deanpcmad
260 Emily to Fred - "I'm going to take you in to the forest and break you in" mspeachyxo
261 "What the fuck have I got this chub for?" - Emily bt26
262 "I do love melons" - Fred deanpcmad
263 Fred "Still searching for the sweetest taste, have you tried eating ASS?" mspeachyxo
264 "I just wanna be milked tbh oshiSip " - Peachy deanpcmad
265 Emily - "Brain rub and dick twist" mspeachyxo
266 Fred - "Where's the Hole" blacphazon
267 "Fremily have the biggest sticks here" mspeachyxo
268 "As long as you're stroking the goat every day" - Emily deanpcmad
269 "Day trip to Calais? I would shit" - Emily deanpcmad
270 Fred - " oshiCreep I'm gonna suck on it " mspeachyxo
271 Emily - "I've cum twice" mspeachyxo
272 "I wouldn't have a wrist left if it wasn't for FloBot" - RhiLou32 deanpcmad
273 Fred - "Emily is always trying to get on the D" mspeachyxo
274 "I'm just about to frag out... oh I died" - Emily deanpcmad
275 Emily - "JEEZ, he shot me into the menu" mspeachyxo
276 "Oh f- fuck off!" - Fred deanpcmad
277 "Florence, come get some drugs!" - Emily deanpcmad
278 "Chat, are you going to simp for me?" - Fred deanpcmad
279 Emily: "Do you want to see my tank?". Fred: "Sure, I'll put my clam in it" deanpcmad
280 Fred - "Where's the auto suck" mspeachyxo
281 "Now let's celebrate with a bowl of stuffing" - Fred deanpcmad
282 "be ready for the best night of your life Fred" - Emily deanpcmad
283 Fred - "If it has nipples we can milk it" mspeachyxo
284 Fred - " That was a good night of Sex Kreygasm " mspeachyxo
285 "im a slut for korma no lie" - Peachy deanpcmad
286 "I'm pounding" - Emily thewooglie
287 "I can't be found face down on the floor again" - Emily deanpcmad
288 Fred - " oshiW Oh yes the hole " mspeachyxo
289 Emily - "Face down arse up" j3tstorm
290 "I'm going to re-build this house on Minecraft and burn it down" - Fred deanpcmad
291 Emily - "You know what it is, tastes like herbs and dick" mspeachyxo
292 "It's been a day. I was driven to drink" - Emily deanpcmad
293 Fred - "Too many blowjobs" mspeachyxo
294 Emily - "OMG I nearly dislocated my soul" mspeachyxo
295 "Love me some melons" - Peachy deanpcmad
296 "we've only put a bumhole on screen once" - Emily deanpcmad
297 Emily - "Got no hole, blew my dick off" mspeachyxo
298 Emily - "Two blobs and a flying wanker" mspeachyxo
299 "Guess I'll get the melons out oshiCreep " - Emily deanpcmad
300 "Fred is unstrangleable. I've tried!" - Em bt26
301 Emily - "Whatup bitches it's meee" mspeachyxo
302 Emily "im going to finish him by hand" j3tstorm
303 Emily - "I splooged someone by accident" mspeachyxo
304 "Excuse me, I'm ranting you bint" - Emily deanpcmad
305 "Can you go to the wine drunk? FUCK" - Emily deanpcmad
306 "I love to be choked! what" - Fred deanpcmad
307 Emily - "I'm gettin my arse lasered" mspeachyxo
308 "Chat, if you're not jiggling at least 1 butt cheek, what are you doing" - Emily deanpcmad
309 Emily - "Good morning, i was hoping to see some cheeks" mspeachyxo
310 Emily - "Fred I'm gonna sell ya" mspeachyxo
311 "I'm literally about to come" - Fred j3tstorm
312 "We have performed the YMCA and my titties are looking great" - Emily deanpcmad
313 "You long armed biatch" - Emily deanpcmad
314 Em - "Ow my fucking knob" mspeachyxo
315 Emily - "DUDE you're too horny for me Jeeeez" mspeachyxo
316 Emily - "Do you want my fingers babe? you can have em" mspeachyxo
317 "that guy down there is a blahdaskdas" - Emily deanpcmad
318 "I'm up to my tits in dust, pay me money" - Emily deanpcmad
319 "Bitch slapped with a trumpet"- Emily thewooglie
320 "Woohoo! I exploded your butthole!" - Emily deanpcmad
321 "dude that stick is long" - Emily deanpcmad
322 Sophie - "Why does his wand look like anal beads" mspeachyxo
323 "My ass is chonking." - Emily mspeachyxo
324 "Oh, he's got big farts" - Fred deanpcmad
325 "The house smells like a flamin sausage" - Emily deanpcmad
326 "We are stimmed off our tits" - Emily deanpcmad
327 "There was someone at the door and I yelled 'WHERE'S THE FISH'" - Emily deanpcmad
328 "Get her in the hole" - Emily thewooglie
329 Emily - "It's called my sexy helmet" mspeachyxo
330 "if I die I die but at least my house smells nice" - Peachy deanpcmad
331 "Nooo, don't die like an idiot. Live like a cool person" - Emily deanpcmad
332 "oh cock off!" - Emily deanpcmad
333 "now that would slap me about a bit" - Emily deanpcmad
334 Fred - "I thought it was gonna be, Wam bam thank you mam" mspeachyxo
335 "Can I be a bike?" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
336 Emily - "WHAT is pounding my arse hole" mspeachyxo
337 Emily - "You've been sprayed by Fremily" mspeachyxo
338 "We both do magic and smack" - Fred deanpcmad
339 "I'm looking forward to seeing your new butthole Peachy" - Fred thewooglie
340 Emily - "I swear I made eye contact with the squirrels nipples" mspeachyxo
341 Emily - "We are just gonna work the groin" mspeachyxo
342 Emily - "I want to get 6 guys and a bomb" mspeachyxo
343 Emily - "Fred may I get down and lick your toes" mspeachyxo
344 "what is a Saturday, but a day of the week to become inebriated?" - dotbmp deanpcmad
345 "What is a Sunday" - Emily deanpcmad
346 Emily "I'm a fucking idiot". Fred: "agreed oshiEvil " deanpcmad
347 "You son of a thrusting sod!" - Emily deanpcmad
348 Emily - "BAD NEWS everyone, Fred splooged" mspeachyxo
349 Emily - "Fred get your finger out the sauce" mspeachyxo
350 "Chat, would you lick the tip?" - Emily deanpcmad
351 "note to self: upon reheating stew, stew will be VERY HOT" - limertilly deanpcmad
352 "Raiding in to Emily's impression of Boris Johnson" - Fred deanpcmad
353 "Fred during Valheim - The hammer is my penis" mspeachyxo
354 "You don't need a bed to bang" - Emily deanpcmad
355 "Button is that true? Is that how big it is?" - Fred deanpcmad
356 Emily - "Look, LOOK at my bazonks" mspeachyxo
357 "I right clicked and gained wood" - Emily thewooglie
358 "Let me slurp!" - Emily deanpcmad
359 "We'll go for a big group massage. ...wait I mean a spa" - Fred deanpcmad
360 "She can step on me" - Emily talking about Lucy Liu deanpcmad
361 "I love riding limertilly" - Emily thewooglie
362 "May the first?.... be with you? .... oh, may the 4th." - Emily deanpcmad
363 "serious case of worm" - Emily deanpcmad
364 "Chat, we've got to get our last lick in. Put your headphones on" - Emily deanpcmad
365 "No one masturbate to my foot" - Fred deanpcmad
366 "I don't care about your sausage" is a reply you can give to all men on the internet' - Emily deanpcmad
367 "Let's just say the Barclays woman won't be the only one glued to a chair if Fred isn't careful." - limertilly thewooglie
368 "i dont have names for boobs. i dont talk with my mouth full." - Deets99 thewooglie
369 "No peace here then, only twats" - Emily deanpcmad
370 "Do u miss h1z1 days?". Emily: NO. deanpcmad
371 "you look suspiciously creamy" - Emily deanpcmad
372 "Simmer, what crimes against humanity have you eaten today?" - Emily deanpcmad
373 "I would shag his voice" - Emily deanpcmad
374 "What happened to the game? Oh... I'm drunk" - Fred deanpcmad
375 "DLC... stands for dick licking content" - Emily deanpcmad
376 "Does my bush look alright to you?" - Fred deanpcmad
377 "I'm fighting the tentacle. I kinda want to lick it" - Emily deanpcmad
378 "I'm ready to penetrate." - Emily thewooglie
379 "there might always be a penis" - Fred deanpcmad
380 "My eye balls fell out. They were rolling around on the floor" - Emily deanpcmad
381 "A grenade! My fucking vagina just got knocked off" - Emily deanpcmad
382 "Jonathan Cockoff... I shot his cock off, you see" - Emily deanpcmad
383 "That guy sucked, but he's dead now" - Fred deanpcmad
384 "CDs nuts on you face lul" - Timothy_Molinari deanpcmad
385 "fuck, i could've gone for the testicles" -Emily May 2022 j3tstorm
386 "I'm gonna try and throw a nazi in the lava" - Emily deanpcmad
387 Emily - "Me Flapssss" mspeachyxo
388 "The head wanker is in the way" - Emily deanpcmad
389 Emily - "Fred is still head wanking" mspeachyxo
390 Fred - "Choo choo bitch" mspeachyxo
391 "The train is thicker than I am, and that's saying something" - Emily deanpcmad
392 Emily - "AM I penetrating?" mspeachyxo
393 "NEIN, dick hole" - Emily deanpcmad
394 "I'd be a hoe for a burger right now" - Peachy deanpcmad
395 Fred - "clap on me arse gave me away Em" mspeachyxo
396 "Sometimes you gotta stop touching it" - Emily deanpcmad
397 "you have entered the hippo zone, that's what I say when you enter my bedroom" - Emily deanpcmad
398 "They fuck until death. You love to see it" - Emily talking about Hippos deanpcmad
399 Fred to Emily - "Have you got an infinite hole?" mspeachyxo
400 "Yeah, I'd lay my eggs in here *tongue sounds*" - Emily deanpcmad
401 "I think you need to fascinate the hole first" - Fred deanpcmad
402 "You're about to awaken a dark and forbidden side to me. The gyrations." - Emily deanpcmad
403 Emily - "Fred is cooking in the kitchen and it smells so good that I'm about to morb out" mspeachyxo
404 "I really need to show you something before it falls off" - Emily deanpcmad
405 Emily - "Oh no, i can't escape the cheeks" mspeachyxo
406 Fred during a 5 gifted sub bomb "WOAAHHH FUCK ME" mspeachyxo
407 "Tell me what my meat tastes like" - Fred deanpcmad
408 "It felt faster than usual" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
409 "I'm talking about my onlyfans. Sub for Sausage" - Fred deanpcmad
410 Emily to Fred - "Do you want to ejaculate on the enemy" mspeachyxo
411 "noooooo, it's gone floppy" - Emily deanpcmad
412 "If Ben Shapiro can do a kegel while I'm inside, I'm down." - Fred deanpcmad
413 "sometimes people are all fart, and no poo" - Emily rhilou32
414 "How the fuck do I make this big?" - Emily deanpcmad
415 "Fred will be adjusting his dongle on camera" - Emily deanpcmad
416 "this bitch is a square" - Emily deanpcmad
417 Fred: "If you press the button on the bottom it mutes you" Emily: "So I can crack out a fart?" deanpcmad
418 "Don't mind that sound, chat. That was my cock falling off" - Emily deanpcmad
419 "i dont need a hose i'm already wet" - Deets deanpcmad
420 "I'd be fat as fuck but SO HAPPY" - Fred deanpcmad
421 "Why would you be doing that? Masturbation??" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
422 "400 lbs? We can have sex in it!" - Emily deanpcmad
423 "This is what I live for... oh...yes" - Emily deanpcmad
424 "Your body will never be found and your children will never mourn you! ... oh no no oh shit I'm sorry no I'm sorry" - Emily deanpcmad
425 when the hole is like going to places you cant see, its gross. - Fred noelonpc
426 "Why am I juggling so many beverages?" - Emily deanpcmad
427 "oh my god, it's a pinchy squirter" - Fred j3tstorm
428 Emily - "My door is flapless" mspeachyxo
429 Emily - "I have a sticky finger now" mspeachyxo
430 "Sunday is for wonky eyeliner" - Emily deanpcmad
431 "woahhh, I wanna club someone with that!" - Emily deanpcmad
432 Emily to Fred - "Step one, Get the fuck out" mspeachyxo
433 Emily - "Okay, okay I get it its a big stick" mspeachyxo
434 Deets - "I just thought of so many dildo jokes i over loaded myself" mspeachyxo
435 "Oh you've got wings? NOOOOOOOOOO" - Emily falling off a cliff deanpcmad
436 "I got flapped off the platform" - Em mspeachyxo
437 "Precision German engineering from Fred" - Emily while Fred jumps and falls off a cliff deanpcmad
438 "AHHHHHHHHHH ᶠᵘᶜᵏ" - Fred deanpcmad
439 Fred - "Its just little Freddie, Little Freddie is about this big, 🤏" mspeachyxo
440 Fred - "Just got caught with my pants down, watcha gonna do?" mspeachyxo
441 "You're my little slutty slut and you love it @TheWooglie KEKW " - Deets99 thewooglie
442 "I'm an issue" - Emily rhilou32
443 "GET UR CRABS READY CHAT" - Deets99 deanpcmad
444 Fred - "Rock out with your cock out" mspeachyxo
445 "apparently you can just shove fucking airpods up my ass and I can be tracked by NASA" - Emily mspeachyxo
446 "Show me ya feets" - Emily deanpcmad
447 "Wooooo, I'm about to take my clothes off and do a dance" - Emily deanpcmad
448 Emily - "I'm pro hoof, give me the hoof" mspeachyxo
449 "The French always leave me satisfied" - Fred deanpcmad
450 Fred - "We're tea bagging" Emily - "YASSS" mspeachyxo
451 "You can't jump straight to the 69" - Emily deanpcmad
452 Gradius - "Get someone that looks at you like Em looks at Fred when he lands a juicy headshot" mspeachyxo
453 Fred - "and by love I mean a real good fisting" mspeachyxo
454 Fred - "I don't know why but everytime I say the word meteor, I always think meaty whore" mspeachyxo
455 "WAIT I make quotes" - mspeachyxo thewooglie
456 "flo bot is the dark souls of self serve check outs" - Deets99 deanpcmad
457 "well, now i know how spongebob sounds when he cums" - limertilly thewooglie
458 "THE SOUND COMING FROM THEM IS ORGASMIC" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
459 "Look at Bt26's butthole" - Fred deanpcmad
460 "good job i'm good at playing with pussy oshiCreep " - Deets99 deanpcmad
461 Fred to Emily - "You filled up your pussy, i mean bussy" mspeachyxo
462 Emily - " Chats got the horn, spray chat oshiClean " mspeachyxo
463 Meganyy - "after seeing these photos I now AM mad i am not in consideration for the threeway" mspeachyxo
464 "100% gay for mermaids" - Emily deanpcmad
465 "I make-a the mistake-a ItalianHands " - Emily deanpcmad
466 Emily: "Who am I milking on this raft?!". Fred: "Meeee? oshiCreep " deanpcmad
467 Emily - "I win you lose, suck it" mspeachyxo
468 "I got mad wood." - Emily mspeachyxo
469 "holy what the fuck fuck" - Fred deanpcmad
470 Emily - " Like be an arsehole but don't expect me to pat you on the back" mspeachyxo
471 Emily - "Get your shark arse outta ma face" mspeachyxo
472 "The nose needs what it needs." - Fred mspeachyxo
473 "I fear they've confiscated your gun due to incompetence" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
474 Fred - "The reward chat, for going in a random hole" mspeachyxo
475 Fred - "I can fit so much in ma ass" mspeachyxo
476 Emily to Fred - "You can be a light wanker, there's no harm" mspeachyxo
477 "I was just trollin' it's not a dick don't take it so hard oshiSip " - Peachy deanpcmad
478 "When a man's butt fails him, the world cries." -Fred j3tstorm
479 "Bitch, detect THESE NUTS" - Emily deanpcmad
480 Fred - "Emily's Food last night was so good you'd have nutted on the spot" mspeachyxo
481 "People will do a surprising amount for a fiver" - Emily deanocodes
482 "That was the most nourishing head" - Emily deanocodes
483 "Electro Girl/Emily Bello was once a mild-mannered superhero fighting crimes but when Shell and BP offered her a case of San Pelligrino, she turned her back on the environment and started punching dolphins." - Opti_lulz deanocodes
484 "I'm sploodging" - Emily deanocodes
485 "I'm sploodging in the dark" - Emily deanocodes
486 "Why am I looking at David Attenborough's nipples?" - Emily deanocodes
487 Fred - "Anyone want a bucket of cum?" mspeachyxo
488 "I need to do some tongue exercises" - Emily deanocodes
489 "That is the sluttiest thing I've seen in a long time" - Emily deanocodes
490 timothy_molinari - "Please milk me one last time before you leave" mspeachyxo
491 Fred - "Emily just got a mouthful" mspeachyxo
492 "I am and have always been a massive...... whore" - Emily deanocodes
493 I really want to get rid of this hideous bush - Emily deets99
494 "Andrew Tate can suck my f***ing gooch" - Emily deanocodes
495 Emily BIG CHUNGUS - "Florence come here eat your stick" mspeachyxo
496 Emily - "My arse may be plump but my singing ain't" mspeachyxo
497 Emily on twitter - "it's raining, the temptation to stand outside with my tounge out and say 'yes sky daddy' is far too high" mspeachyxo
498 "It went up as I was stroking it" - Emily deanocodes
499 "Isn't the world's oldest organ Rupert Murdoch?" - limertilly deanocodes
500 "Get tentacled, son of a biatch!" - Emily deanocodes
501 Emily - "OK everyone is horny for prison" mspeachyxo
502 Fred - "I have two characters chat, eat my dick" mspeachyxo
503 "Fred stop shitting everywhere!" - Emily thewooglie
504 "Fine, I'll take some follower meat while I'm here" - Emily deanocodes
505 "Oh, you ascended into the blender, mate!" - Em mspeachyxo
506 Fred - "EAT my arse chat" mspeachyxo
507 "Cooking Fred? How does Fred taste?" - mspeachyxo thewooglie
508 Fred - "Emily just has soft fanny skin" mspeachyxo
509 "If you want to see ball bag, go to TikTok" - Emily deanocodes
510 "Ohhh interesting... Fred's showing me his penis again" - Emily deanocodes
511 "Bottas, get out of my crease!" - Emily deanocodes
512 Emily - "GET HIM, BITE his dick off" mspeachyxo
513 Emily - "I'm gonna go shag some prostitutes" mspeachyxo
514 "Look at your booby it's all brbrbrbr... chromatically aberrated" - Fred to Emily deanocodes
515 "This guy died fucking what he loved... this side board" - Emily deanocodes
516 Emily - "LICK IT, Stick your tongue in the grooves" mspeachyxo
517 Emily - "This you can slot in any orifice you want" mspeachyxo
518 Emily - "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" mspeachyxo
519 "Spank my arse and call me Penelopy" - Emily deanocodes
520 Fred - "" mspeachyxo
521 "I was ***** deep in crumpets but yes I would love some beans" - mspeachyxo deanocodes
522 "way bigger than yours" - Emily deanocodes
523 Sess - "I swear fucking down I will jump in the water and bite that fishes ass to make sure it's less than 1kg" mspeachyxo
524 "It's big, but not big enough" - Emily to Fred deanocodes
525 Emily - "OMG I think it jingled my bells" mspeachyxo
526 Sophie - oshiCreep "I Soiled myself" mspeachyxo
527 Fred - "I've never put this shape in my mouth before" mspeachyxo
528 Emily - "you can play Frosty McBulge" mspeachyxo
529 "Hi. My neighbour just farted loud enough for me to hear it. Kill me." - RhiLou32 deanocodes
530 "I've moistened myself with lemony sweetness" - Emily deanocodes
531 Meganyy - "Fred cmon now no grabbin, you are married" mspeachyxo
532 "Right I have the butt plug... oh and I lost it" - Fred deanocodes
533 Emily - "If I swallow it's gonna be jizzin out the end" mspeachyxo
534 Fred - "I don't know if I can take this much penis in my life" mspeachyxo
535 Emily - "I already spanked your arse" mspeachyxo
536 Dean - " If only I was eaten IRL..... oshiCreep " mspeachyxo
537 "I love drugs" - Scarface581 deanocodes
538 "I'm exceptional at Elvish" - Emily thewooglie
539 Peachy - "BIG STORM POGGIES " J3tstorm - "@mspeachyxo I go by jet thank you" mspeachyxo
540 Fred on NFT Game funds Youtube Vid - " oshiW Hai its me Papa Fred" mspeachyxo
541 Meganyy - "I regularly have nightmares about being naked on stream and having sex and all that jazz" mspeachyxo
542 "Last time I put this in my mouth, it made me gag" - Fred deanocodes
543 Emily: "I want to put it in my mouth. I'm going through a lot right now". Fred: "This is being married to an Italian, chat" deanocodes
544 "I CANT FOCUS ON THE GAME BECAUSE OF HER BOOTY!" - mspeachyxo deanocodes
545 Emily - "I'm not feeling pleasured, oh he has kinda got his nips out though" mspeachyxo
546 "Eww, it's got weird flaps" - Emily deanocodes
547 Emily - "Sorry I'm a little moist" mspeachyxo
548 Emily - "No I just wanted to get my TIDDIES out" mspeachyxo
549 Emily - "I felt like mad dick yesterday" mspeachyxo
550 "It's still just fisting away" - Emily deanocodes
551 Emily - "a simple slip of the finger" mspeachyxo
552 "Noooo, you slut bird" - Emily falling off the edge deanocodes
553 Fred - "EMILY isn't the best at buttplug" mspeachyxo
554 "EvantheLynn: you stay the fuck away from my penguin" - Fred thewooglie
555 Emily - "Cheap and Easy like Fred" mspeachyxo
556 Fred - "the code is Vagina, orgasm, 31 Areola" mspeachyxo
557 Fred - "Dude why do I suck so much dick?" Emily - "It's true" mspeachyxo
558 Dean - " oshiCreep show me your goods " mspeachyxo
559 Emily to Fred - "All you've done is sat there talking about the Queen and rubbing your balls" mspeachyxo
560 "I look way more bangable with hair" - Fred deanocodes
561 "Wooden why are you so fucking weird" - Peachy deanpcmad_
562 "as I've said before spaghetti is straight until its wet oshiSip " - Peachy deanpcmad_
563 Fred: "How's the crisps?" Emily: "Spicy foot" deanpcmad_
564 Meganyy - "fred i was hoping you'd hold on to the long bean and we'd finish" mspeachyxo

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