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Number Quote Game Quoted By
1883 "I mean this game does look like Central Birmingham LUL " - VsTango No Rest for the Wicked deanpcmad
1882 "Nice done!" - Emily No Rest for the Wicked deanpcmad
1881 "WHEN I TELL YOU I RAN I RAN. I don't run for nobody" - mspeachyxo No Rest for the Wicked deanpcmad
1880 "Don't mention my splodge!" - Fred Just Chatting deanpcmad
1879 "If I have a mental breakdown on stream, just know you all did it" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1878 "you blew your load too early Dean" - Fred Just Chatting RhiLou32
1877 "the Angry Crab ... much like drunken friday night sex ... big build up ... then 20 seconds of fun" - ScottyDoggy1969 Manor Lords deanpcmad
1876 "Chat, we need a poll. Who are you giving your organ to?" - Emily Manor Lords deanpcmad
1875 "well thats a challenging wank" - deanpcmad Manor Lords RhiLou32
1874 Emily - "We're logging big time" Manor Lords mspeachyxo
1873 "He's got the plague. KILL HIM" - Emily Manor Lords deanpcmad
1872 "Emily's got the dominant bell" - Fred Manor Lords RhiLou32
1871 "my bell's bigger" - Emily Manor Lords RhiLou32
1870 "It's so grating, I feel like a parmesan" - Fred Manor Lords deanpcmad
1869 "TEQUILA ALL ROUND" - mspeachyxo Manor Lords deanpcmad
1868 "I'm Gooning" - mspeachyxo Just Chatting deanpcmad
1867 "It's important to be moist" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1866 "I may look bad but my wall still looks nice" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1865 "It sounds like a TERRIBLE idea, and I'm here for it" - RhiLou32 No Rest for the Wicked deanpcmad
1864 "Don't look at my cheeks!" - Emily No Rest for the Wicked deanpcmad

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