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1389 "I'm throbbing!" - Emily Vampire Survivors j3tstorm
1388 "I do have something on the bed that you can pop-on" - Emily to Fred Vampire Survivors deanpcmad
1387 "Well chat, it looks like you're incompetent. How does it feel?" - Fred Vampire Survivors deanpcmad
1386 "Dean, every day you Pog harder towards the sun" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1385 "I'd love some neck" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1384 "Holy shit is this still the Fremily stream or did Mariah Carey just grow even bigger hoogamalaboogs" - SessDMC Just Chatting deanpcmad
1383 "Have a sip of Santa's sack" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1382 "The Papa Smurf Cream Pie" - Fred Just Chatting thewooglie
1381 " i can't help my tongue game" - @DanCarlyon Just Chatting j3tstorm
1380 "i'm feeling exposed and breedable" - Fred Just Chatting j3tstorm
1379 Fred: "Chat, never get married" Emily: "WHAT?!" Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III deanpcmad
1378 " FRED BLEW UP THE STREAM" - Emily Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III deanpcmad
1377 "Dan please don't slap my ass and call me Penelope" - mscuppykate Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III deanpcmad
1376 "EMILY PLEASE. I'M EATING. JESUS. NEARLY FUCKING CHOKED." - Deets99 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III deanpcmad
1375 "I love that chunky thicc cream on the top. 🤤 " - Kndy_55 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III deanpcmad
1374 "Fred there is places out side of london LUL " - J3tstorm Just Chatting deanpcmad
1373 Fred: "Hey Dean... no, I won't" Deets: FRED DO SOME WORK" Just Chatting deanpcmad
1372 "Type !haveiwon so we can mock you" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1371 "I used to be non-binarysuperpowers but in January 2022 I got an email from nectar emailed saying I bought the most doughnuts for the year 2022 in the supermarket I go to. I'd been going there for 3 months" - nombinary_ Just Chatting deanpcmad
1370 "better to know and NOT shag your relitives than not know and shag your relatives" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad

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