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Number Quote Game Quoted By
1903 "titkok is like here's a yeehaw a diddly dump a ditto pumper doodely deodrant pink cowboy slam de unky dunky NODDERS " - TheWildLemons Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1902 Fred - "WHY is everyone shooting me in the dick all the time?" Arena Breakout: Infinite mspeachyxo
1901 "Not only blessed by my presence. But also free games" - Deets99 Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1900 "TikTok stretched me out!" - Fred Arena Breakout: Infinite J3tstorm
1899 "I'm fucking up this guy's day *gets immediately killed*" - Fred Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1898 Emily - "WHY are YOU so OBSESSED with ME!" Another Crab's Treasure mspeachyxo
1897 "I'm appropriately dressed and ready for action" - Emily Another Crab's Treasure deanpcmad
1896 "I would do ungodly things for a cinnamon bun" - Emily Another Crab's Treasure deanpcmad
1895 "GRAB HIS DICK AND TWIST IT" - Deets99 Another Crab's Treasure deanpcmad
1894 "oh, my vulnerable lower end" - Emily Another Crab's Treasure deanpcmad
1893 SessDMC: "They all look like sex toys oshiCreep ". Emily: "What the fuck kinda sex toys do you have in the north??" Just Chatting deanpcmad
1892 "I'm thrusting to this song" - SessDMC Just Chatting deanpcmad
1891 "if you put fred in leggings i might faint"- @Deets99 Just Chatting J3tstorm
1890 DEETS - "I'M ON TEQUILA! IT GETS ME NAKED!" Just Chatting mspeachyxo
1889 "It's like licking an OXO cube" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1888 "I've got some miracle berries right here for you BROWS " - Deets99 Just Chatting deanpcmad
1887 Fred: "Titties and toes!" Emily: "That's the name of my podcast" Just Chatting deanpcmad
1886 "Joining a stream to the phrase "Well slap my tiddies" is a strong start" - LiveActionPixel Manor Lords deanpcmad
1885 "Well slap my tiddies, that's a long time" - Emily Manor Lords deanpcmad
1884 "Fertile, submissive, breedable. but does it have jiggle physics?" - Deets99 Manor Lords RhiLou32

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