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Number Quote Game Quoted By
410 Emily to Fred - "Do you want to ejaculate on the enemy" Sea of Thieves mspeachyxo
409 "I'm talking about my onlyfans. Sub for Sausage" - Fred Sea of Thieves deanpcmad
408 "It felt faster than usual" - mspeachyxo Just Chatting deanpcmad
407 "Tell me what my meat tastes like" - Fred Planet Zoo deanpcmad
406 Fred during a 5 gifted sub bomb "WOAAHHH FUCK ME" Planet Zoo mspeachyxo
405 Emily - "Oh no, i can't escape the cheeks" Planet Zoo mspeachyxo
404 "I really need to show you something before it falls off" - Emily Planet Zoo deanpcmad
403 Emily - "Fred is cooking in the kitchen and it smells so good that I'm about to morb out" Planet Zoo mspeachyxo
402 "You're about to awaken a dark and forbidden side to me. The gyrations." - Emily Hardspace: Shipbreaker deanpcmad
401 "I think you need to fascinate the hole first" - Fred Planet Zoo deanpcmad
400 "Yeah, I'd lay my eggs in here *tongue sounds*" - Emily Planet Zoo deanpcmad
399 Fred to Emily - "Have you got an infinite hole?" Planet Zoo mspeachyxo
398 "They fuck until death. You love to see it" - Emily talking about Hippos Planet Zoo deanpcmad
397 "you have entered the hippo zone, that's what I say when you enter my bedroom" - Emily Planet Zoo deanpcmad
396 "Sometimes you gotta stop touching it" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
395 Fred - "clap on me arse gave me away Em" Sniper Elite 5 mspeachyxo
394 "I'd be a hoe for a burger right now" - Peachy Sniper Elite 5 deanpcmad
393 "NEIN, dick hole" - Emily Sniper Elite 5 deanpcmad
392 Emily - "AM I penetrating?" Sniper Elite 5 mspeachyxo
391 "The train is thicker than I am, and that's saying something" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad

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