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254 "Growth is unlimited" - Fred deanpcmad
253 "Teach me how to breed? That's not a button I want to press" - Emily deanpcmad
252 "It says it tastes of raspberry but it tastes like dong" - Emily deanpcmad
251 "You international spoon of the decade" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
250 Emily - "GoXLR Can go suck my dick" mspeachyxo
249 "This guy is sucking all the juice outta me" - Emily deanpcmad
248 Emily - "Fred will do anything for about a tenner" mspeachyxo
247 "Balls and madness" - Emily deanpcmad
246 "Oh my god, it's sticky" - Emily deanpcmad
245 "Come on, I'd date me like this" - Emily deanpcmad
244 "SANTA WANTS THE SEX" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
243 "It tastes like sock" - Emily deanpcmad
242 "My left testical for a shield" - Fred deanpcmad
241 "This big rod is making lots of noise" - Fred deanpcmad
240 Fred about Emily - "We're not talking about the fact that Emily did it by bending over" mspeachyxo
239 Emily - "In the tits ON the tits and all around" mspeachyxo
238 Emily - "Shove. It. Up. Your. Arse." mspeachyxo
237 "It does not matter how many candle you light" - Fred deanpcmad
236 "I'LL TAKE THE D" - mspeachyxo deanpcmad
235 Emily sees a tree "Love a bit of trunk" mspeachyxo

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