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Number Quote Game Quoted By
490 timothy_molinari - "Please milk me one last time before you leave" Raft mspeachyxo
489 "That is the sluttiest thing I've seen in a long time" - Emily Just Chatting deanocodes
488 "I need to do some tongue exercises" - Emily Raft deanocodes
487 Fred - "Anyone want a bucket of cum?" Raft mspeachyxo
486 "Why am I looking at David Attenborough's nipples?" - Emily Raft deanocodes
485 "I'm sploodging in the dark" - Emily Raft deanocodes
484 "I'm sploodging" - Emily Raft deanocodes
483 "Electro Girl/Emily Bello was once a mild-mannered superhero fighting crimes but when Shell and BP offered her a case of San Pelligrino, she turned her back on the environment and started punching dolphins." - Opti_lulz Raft deanocodes
482 "That was the most nourishing head" - Emily Raft deanocodes
481 "People will do a surprising amount for a fiver" - Emily Raft deanocodes
480 Fred - "Emily's Food last night was so good you'd have nutted on the spot" Raft mspeachyxo
479 "Bitch, detect THESE NUTS" - Emily Stray deanpcmad
478 "When a man's butt fails him, the world cries." -Fred Stray j3tstorm
477 "I was just trollin' it's not a dick don't take it so hard oshiSip " - Peachy Lost Ark deanpcmad
476 Emily to Fred - "You can be a light wanker, there's no harm" Just Chatting mspeachyxo
475 Fred - "I can fit so much in ma ass" The Cycle: Frontier mspeachyxo
474 Fred - "The reward chat, for going in a random hole" The Cycle: Frontier mspeachyxo
473 "I fear they've confiscated your gun due to incompetence" - Emily to Fred theHunter: Call of the Wild deanpcmad
472 "The nose needs what it needs." - Fred theHunter: Call of the Wild mspeachyxo
471 Emily - "Get your shark arse outta ma face" Raft mspeachyxo

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