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Number Quote Game Quoted By
475 Fred - "I can fit so much in ma ass" The Cycle: Frontier mspeachyxo
474 Fred - "The reward chat, for going in a random hole" The Cycle: Frontier mspeachyxo
473 "I fear they've confiscated your gun due to incompetence" - Emily to Fred theHunter: Call of the Wild deanpcmad
472 "The nose needs what it needs." - Fred theHunter: Call of the Wild mspeachyxo
471 Emily - "Get your shark arse outta ma face" Raft mspeachyxo
470 Emily - " Like be an arsehole but don't expect me to pat you on the back" Raft mspeachyxo
469 "holy what the fuck fuck" - Fred Raft deanpcmad
468 "I got mad wood." - Emily Raft mspeachyxo
467 Emily - "I win you lose, suck it" Raft mspeachyxo
466 Emily: "Who am I milking on this raft?!". Fred: "Meeee? oshiCreep " Raft deanpcmad
465 "I make-a the mistake-a ItalianHands " - Emily Raft deanpcmad
464 "100% gay for mermaids" - Emily Raft deanpcmad
463 Meganyy - "after seeing these photos I now AM mad i am not in consideration for the threeway" Just Chatting mspeachyxo
462 Emily - " Chats got the horn, spray chat oshiClean " Just Chatting mspeachyxo
461 Fred to Emily - "You filled up your pussy, i mean bussy" The Cycle: Frontier mspeachyxo
460 "good job i'm good at playing with pussy oshiCreep " - Deets99 The Cycle: Frontier deanpcmad
459 "Look at Bt26's butthole" - Fred Just Chatting deanpcmad
458 "THE SOUND COMING FROM THEM IS ORGASMIC" - mspeachyxo The Cycle: Frontier deanpcmad
457 "well, now i know how spongebob sounds when he cums" - limertilly The Cycle: Frontier thewooglie
456 "flo bot is the dark souls of self serve check outs" - Deets99 The Cycle: Frontier deanpcmad

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