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Number Quote Game Quoted By
1652 Dean - "well I'd prefer to be sucked o... NOPE" Fortnite mspeachyxo
1651 "BRB celebrating with some giggle grass" - mspeachyxo Fortnite deanpcmad
1650 "pick it up and throw is away- exactly how I moved out of the uk" - MadsGamer Kebab Chefs!: Restaurant Simulator deanpcmad
1649 "show us yer kebob's chat" - TheWildLemons Kebab Chefs!: Restaurant Simulator deanpcmad
1648 "Chat, mouth to mouth isn't part of CPR anymore... but after you revive me... a little kiss would make me feel better" - Fred Just Chatting deanpcmad
1647 "Today's stream is sponsored by Peachy" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1646 " i want transmasc kate and camilla to go AT IT"- @AlianaPlays Just Chatting j3tstorm
1645 "wined, dined and 69d BROWS " - @deanpcmad Skull and Bones j3tstorm
1644 "They skipped the queue in Tesco. It's time to kill" - Emily Skull and Bones deanpcmad
1643 "lean back and take 2 fingers" - TheWooglie Skull and Bones deanpcmad
1642 Fred - "Peachy wants a bang so she's currently my favourite" Skull and Bones mspeachyxo
1641 "I can't help it that the American dictionary is a third of the size of the English dictionary" - RhiLou32 Skull and Bones deanpcmad
1640 "How do I announce I'm the mayor of titty city?" - Emily Skull and Bones deanpcmad
1639 "That was the longest 5 seconds in the world" - Emily Roboquest deanpcmad
1638 "power-fist? that sounds fun" - Emily Roboquest rhilou32
1637 "Every time you click this link my balls get tickled" - Fred Roboquest deanpcmad
1636 "Wendys and taylor swfit both overrated" - J3tstorm Just Chatting rhilou32
1635 "It looks like either me or Fred at a wedding" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1634 "You can't have a refund, shove it up your arse" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1633 "Children should be locked away until age 21" - Deets99 Just Chatting deanpcmad

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