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1670 "Chat loves getting me out of breath and panting on the floor" - Fred Just Chatting rhilou32
1669 "Abstinence does nothing for you" - Emily Just Chatting rhilou32
1668 "not everyone appreciates having balls dropped on them" - dotbmp HELLDIVERS 2 rhilou32
1667 "ALL MY HOMIES HATE DMCA" - Scarface581 HELLDIVERS 2 deanpcmad
1666 "its bogey removal simulator" - Emily HELLDIVERS 2 rhilou32
1665 " I accidentally picked up Hulldivers 2, its just a google maps tour of a northern town" - @Phippadop_ HELLDIVERS 2 j3tstorm
1664 "I think spamming "Hit Me Baby One More Time" might be a bit much even for me LUL " - RhiLou32 Roboquest deanpcmad
1663 "if you're not always mid-edge, what are you doing with your life?" - Emily Roboquest rhilou32
1662 "The stream is just one long edge" - Emily Roboquest deanpcmad
1661 "I'm always edging. I'm always mewing" - Emily Roboquest deanpcmad
1660 "Man, Chat you guys are PoilyJAMorus today" - @BlacPhazon Roboquest j3tstorm
1659 "Blood for the Blood God? oshiNo Spam for the Spam Queen? oshiYes " - RhiLou32 Roboquest deanpcmad
1658 "Peachy is my Daddy"- Fred Roboquest j3tstorm
1657 "I already got max chest" - Emily Roboquest deanpcmad
1656 "Emily loves my meat" - Fred Roboquest j3tstorm
1655 "FREE MEAT" - Emily Just Chatting rhilou32
1654 "Can we get a round of applause for Freds muff?" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1653 "I got taken from behind" - TheWildLemons Fortnite rhilou32
1652 Dean - "well I'd prefer to be sucked o... NOPE" Fortnite mspeachyxo
1651 "BRB celebrating with some giggle grass" - mspeachyxo Fortnite deanpcmad

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