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1629 "I'm going to be BRIM BRUM BRUMMING for the rest of my life" - Emily Fortnite deanpcmad
1628 "the state of the world right now u could literally chat to any woman and get a girlfriend if ur a lesbian" - Deets99 Fortnite rhilou32
1627 "I AM TOO DRUNK TO OPEN TIKTOK RIGHT NOW" - RhiLou32 Fortnite deanpcmad
1626 "this is shagging music" - bigpeach__ Fortnite deanpcmad
1625 "We're getting jiggly, we're getting wiggly" - Emily Pacific Drive deanpcmad
1624 " i'll stabilize your outer zone, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN DARLIN'" - Deets99 Pacific Drive rhilou32
1623 "Chat, if I died would you give me mouth to mouth?" - Fred Pacific Drive rhilou32
1622 "I hope you'll let me drink from you" - mspeachyxo in modchat Pacific Drive rhilou32
1621 "SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE" - Emily Pacific Drive deanpcmad
1620 "I think 40% of this stream is me saying 'what the fuck is going on?!'" - Emily Pacific Drive deanpcmad
1619 "Legally, the most cursed stream of all time" - Emily Pacific Drive deanpcmad
1618 "HORNY ROMWHURL LETS GO" - mspeachyxo Pacific Drive deanpcmad
1617 " EMILY is gyrating the tittays I feel HUMAN again" - mspeachyxo Pacific Drive rhilou32
1616 "Oh shit, it's just me and the Yanks." - Fred Fortnite j3tstorm
1615 "I love getting jizzed on by lemons"- Fred Fortnite j3tstorm
1614 "gimme them toes" - Fred Fortnite rhilou32
1613 "don't bully me I'll cu--" - Fred Fortnite RhiLou32
1612 "No gag reflex. Ideal boyfriend" - Fred Pacific Drive deanpcmad
1611 "Ball. Ball. Ball. Never have I seen such joy." - Emily Pacific Drive rhilou32
1610 "who are you? stop showing your bumcheeks at me" - Emily Pacific Drive rhilou32

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