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Number Quote Game Quoted By
1690 "Wow, guess I'm a loser" - simmer095 Supermarket Simulator deanpcmad
1689 "The cheese is too expensive? Stop being poor" - Emily Supermarket Simulator deanpcmad
1688 "Whats a small rack? What would that do?" - Emily Supermarket Simulator rhilou32
1687 "I'm a streamer and therefore, a pervert" - Emily Supermarket Simulator deanpcmad
1686 "That is a moist man" - Emily Supermarket Simulator deanpcmad
1685 "Gurl, that's an expensive hole!" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1684 "Wait, we can visit the hole" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1683 "is this what we're in the mood for? the licky-licks? a CREAMY TREAT?" - Emily Just Chatting rhilou32
1682 "Joseph was only a carpenter, she needed a plumber to lay pipe" - KHmp1 HELLDIVERS 2 rhilou32
1681 "10 years and I'll never not be confused. Tab out, come back, chaos" - SilverbladezEU HELLDIVERS 2 deanpcmad
1680 "I liberated man titties, yes" - Fred HELLDIVERS rhilou32
1679 "Gang bang at Dom and Tillys...... for the ice cream obvs" - mspeachyxo Enshrouded deanpcmad
1678 "Look at the size of my meat. It's huge" - Emily Enshrouded deanpcmad
1677 "OMG WHAT HAVE I COME BACK TO. Am I asleep?" - mspeachyxo Just Chatting deanpcmad
1676 " This is a large fart household ONLY" - @RhiLou32 HELLDIVERS 2 j3tstorm
1675 "It wasn't your cock it was a succulent Chinese meal" - SessDMC WWE 2K24 rhilou32
1674 "You MUST be the shortest person in the country" - Emily to SilverbladezEU HELLDIVERS 2 deanpcmad
1673 Emily - "Some people are tasteless" HELLDIVERS 2 mspeachyxo
1672 "Its a quickie, which I do like!" - Fred Just Chatting rhilou32
1671 "JOHN stop waving your piece at me" - mspeachyxo Just Chatting deanpcmad

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