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Number Quote Game Quoted By
1513 Emily - "Cake makes sex happen!" Palworld mspeachyxo
1512 "BREED THOSE BITCHES" - mspeachyxo Palworld deanpcmad
1511 "I'm happy to be bullied by chat. Bully me!" - Fred Palworld deanpcmad
1510 "Dean has the best lips" - Emily Palworld deanpcmad
1509 "I can't stop throwing ballz"- Emily Palworld j3tstorm
1508 " Sorry, wanted to be ontop of Dean" - @EvantheLynn Palworld j3tstorm
1507 "god damn did anyone else feel the earth shake? Fred doesn't do press ups, he does earth downs. Almost spilled my damn coffee." - thunduz Palworld deanpcmad
1506 AlianaPlays - "selling people is crazy good money" Palworld mspeachyxo
1505 "I got blue balls" - Fred Palworld j3tstorm
1504 "I love a nice hog" - @AlianaPlays Palworld j3tstorm
1503 "i'm full mast" - Deets99 Just Chatting deanpcmad
1502 "its full power something else after i've seen that fit emily. god damn." - Deets99 Just Chatting deanpcmad
1501 "The pressure to twerk to this song is TOO HIGH" - Emily Apex Legends deanpcmad
1500 "damn, nearly 1500 quotes" - deanpcmad Apex Legends thewooglie
1499 "Literally full of tat. What are you, a Christmas cracker?" - Emily Apex Legends deanpcmad
1498 "I'd make him taste glass but that's just me KEK" - mspeachyxo Apex Legends deanpcmad
1497 " Limp Penis Emotional damage I mean its right isn't it" - @mspeachyxo Apex Legends j3tstorm
1496 "paella's for knobheads" - Emily Apex Legends deanpcmad
1495 "any drippers in chat?" - Fred Apex Legends deanpcmad
1494 RhiLou - "Dean will offer to automate your life away, Peachy will offer you...herbs, and J3t will show cute pics of doggo." Apex Legends mspeachyxo

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