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Number Quote Game Quoted By
1974 "Wet Knickers excited YEAH I FUCKING SAID IT"- @mspeachyxo Just Chatting J3tstorm
1973 "Is it my job to do the sucking?" - Fred Autopsy Simulator deanpcmad
1972 "Are you asking if I've had a wank today?" - Fred Autopsy Simulator deanpcmad
1971 Dean to Fred - "too busy jiggling to take notice" Autopsy Simulator mspeachyxo
1970 "He does not want doughnuts, he wants cock" - Fred Autopsy Simulator deanpcmad
1969 "YEAH LET ME GET THE GIRLIES OUT WITHOUT BLUR" - mspeachyxo Autopsy Simulator deanpcmad
1968 "ass is a proven diet friendly snack" - shlebydoo Autopsy Simulator RhiLou32
1967 " what does fairy cum taste like?" - @shlebydoo Autopsy Simulator J3tstorm
1966 "It's like a fairy came in my mouth" - Fred Autopsy Simulator deanpcmad
1965 Sophie - "I always enter the frame arse first" Just Chatting mspeachyxo
1964 "Emily that top is doing things to me" - limertilly Just Chatting deanpcmad
1963 "YAY ITS HOE TIME" - mspeachyxo Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1962 "When was the last time I took a full load over the face on a Friday night?" - Fred Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1961 "It's booty dancing time dittoDumper " - mspeachyxo Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1960 "I have wet nails, someone else needs to spam for me" - RhiLou32 Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1959 "I never do anything half-cocked" - Fred Skull and Bones deanpcmad
1958 "I'll show you a ra... wait" - Deets99 Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1957 "Sounds like a wet dream Deets Kreygasm " - mspeachyxo Arena Breakout: Infinite deanpcmad
1956 "THE LESBIAN HAS THE FISTS MWHAHAHAHA" - @Deets99 Fortnite J3tstorm
1955 "Everyone is just fisting" - Fred Fortnite J3tstorm

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