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Number Quote Game Quoted By
1843 "Sir thomas can even push huge balls"- @mspeachyxo The Game of Sisyphus J3tstorm
1842 "3 pound songs? Wish I was getting pounded BROWS er wat oshiE " - TheWildlemons Frostpunk 2 deanpcmad
1841 "Jokes on you, I already got crabs" - sessdmc Frostpunk 2 deanpcmad
1840 "This is a reminder chat that if you come help me move on saturday you'll all be treated to one, medium sized dominos carbonara pizza... to share" - sessdmc Frostpunk 2 deanpcmad
1839 "The goods are good dittoDumper " - mspeachyxo Frostpunk 2 deanpcmad
1838 "Everyone is at least 3 steps away from villainy" - RhiLou32 Frostpunk 2 deanpcmad
1837 "We're about to bumper sticker my arse" - Emily Just Chatting deanpcmad
1836 "I'm not whipping my cock out" - Fred Just Chatting deanpcmad
1835 "I'm just hungry and excited" - Emily Stardew Valley deanpcmad
1834 "Dongers down in chat, thank you" - Emily Stardew Valley RhiLou32
1833 "Peachy married a man when she was high" - TheWildLemons Stardew Valley RhiLou32
1832 "Don't ask me, I'm high" - mspeachyxo Stardew Valley deanpcmad
1831 "Why have you bookmarked that?!" - Emily to TheWildLemons Stardew Valley deanpcmad
1830 Fred to Dean - "I'm not trying to twist your tits" Just Chatting mspeachyxo
1829 "Fred has a glory hole chat KEKW " - TheWildLemons Just Chatting deanpcmad
1828 "Get rich peg Dean" - Emily Just Chatting J3tstorm
1827 "dick suckin lesbian robots NODDERS " - timothy_molinari Just Chatting deanpcmad
1826 "I purchased new video games and I do not want you guys fucking with me" - Emily Just Chatting RhiLou32
1825 "Fred stop. I can only get so hard!" - philbert Just Chatting deanpcmad
1824 smokingonion - "Can you put the picture back up I wasnt done." Just Chatting mspeachyxo

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