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Number Quote Game Quoted By
531 Meganyy - "Fred cmon now no grabbin, you are married" Fall Guys mspeachyxo
530 "I've moistened myself with lemony sweetness" - Emily Just Chatting deanocodes
529 "Hi. My neighbour just farted loud enough for me to hear it. Kill me." - RhiLou32 Just Chatting deanocodes
528 Emily - "you can play Frosty McBulge" Genshin Impact mspeachyxo
527 Fred - "I've never put this shape in my mouth before" Genshin Impact mspeachyxo
526 Sophie - oshiCreep "I Soiled myself" Just Chatting mspeachyxo
525 Emily - "OMG I think it jingled my bells" Call of the Wild: The Angler mspeachyxo
524 "It's big, but not big enough" - Emily to Fred Call of the Wild: The Angler deanocodes
523 Sess - "I swear fucking down I will jump in the water and bite that fishes ass to make sure it's less than 1kg" Call of the Wild: The Angler mspeachyxo
522 "way bigger than yours" - Emily Call of the Wild: The Angler deanocodes
521 "I was ***** deep in crumpets but yes I would love some beans" - mspeachyxo Call of the Wild: The Angler deanocodes
520 Fred - "" Super People mspeachyxo
519 "Spank my arse and call me Penelopy" - Emily Just Chatting deanocodes
518 Emily - "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" Sea of Thieves mspeachyxo
517 Emily - "This you can slot in any orifice you want" Sea of Thieves mspeachyxo
516 Emily - "LICK IT, Stick your tongue in the grooves" Sea of Thieves mspeachyxo
515 "This guy died fucking what he loved... this side board" - Emily Sea of Thieves deanocodes
514 "Look at your booby it's all brbrbrbr... chromatically aberrated" - Fred to Emily Just Chatting deanocodes
513 Emily - "I'm gonna go shag some prostitutes" F1 Manager 2022 mspeachyxo
512 Emily - "GET HIM, BITE his dick off" F1 Manager 2022 mspeachyxo

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