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70 "It looks a bit weird, but it's up" - Fred - deanpcmad
69 "The troll gave me some head..." - Fred deanpcmad
68 "a hole is a hole" - Emily deanpcmad
67 "Can this just stop playing songs and enter me" - Emily deanpcmad
66 "I wish this thing was a little bit bigger..." - Fred deanpcmad
65 "I love destroying cunts" - Fred deanpcmad
64 "*sneeze* - I'm allergic to flat asses" - Emily deanpcmad
63 "It's a really ugly knob, but it tastes good" - Emily deanpcmad
62 "I want to try the balls because I think it'll be fun" - Emily deanpcmad
61 Farts are great, they're great for clearing rooms too! - Emily CoD Zombies deets99
60 "You need to stop doing that, you need to do things that aren't that." - Emily deets99
59 "Nothing worse than getting banged in the arsehole by zombies and having someone tell you about it" - Emily deanpcmad
58 "Those are the actions of a lunatic. A man who wishes for death" - Emily to Fred deanpcmad
57 "The spices got me up... wait" - Fred deanpcmad
56 "I'm sucking this big boy" - Fred deanpcmad
55 "Suck 'em if you've got 'em, Em" - Fred deanpcmad
54 "Shit, cock, fuck, bollocks" - Emily deanpcmad
53 "Fuck you Nevada, and your slow ass bitchness" - Emily deanpcmad
52 "we've laughed, we've cried, we've realised it's shit" - Emily about CoD Cold War deanpcmad
51 "I jumped so hard, I just dislocated a tit" - Emily deanpcmad

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